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Do snakes eat flies? (part 3)

Since I don't have an idea for the fourth screen, I made the snake in the third screen look better. It now goes left from off the screen instead of magically appearing in a different y position on the right side of the screen. It's not a hard screen to get past, but it's something. I'm having a hard time thinking up ideas for this game.   I had insomnia last night. I didn't get to sleep until after 1 a.m. I kept thinking about stuff I wanted to get up and do. I was also tryi

Do snakes eat flies? (part 2)

The snake wasn't long enough. So I decided to add a tongue to it. In yesterday's blog I explained how the Game Boy could only display 10 sprites per row. So I had to do some clever programming, like making the tongue just slightly below the snake so it starts a new count of 10 sprites per row, to do that. It looks better when it's moving. I also made the snake better animated so it looks a lot better than it did. Now I have 60% of bank 1 (storage of level 1 stuff) free. It doesn't hav

Do snakes eat flies?

If they don't, this one definitely does. I've been wanting to make something with a snake in the jungle. So I thought of something. There's this snake and he lunges out at various random y points. Not too far since the maximum amount of sprites that can be on a line is 10. I tried to make the snake longer and forgot this and was wondering why it wasn't showing the longer snake. The point is to get Frank across without the field without getting bit by the snake. Time for dinner. I

Game Boy>Playstation.

If only there was a way to release/play homebrew Playstation games on a real Playstation. About 9 years ago, I dabbled in PSX homebrew but gave up once I reached 2 conditions: 1.) Nobody will get to play my game on a real PSX and 2.) my computer died so I lost everything.   Since then I learned about SD cards and I've backed up the most important things (things I'm working on) on them.   Today got me back to Game Boy programming. I've discovered a way to reduce the loudness o

June 3 demo.

I compiled a special demo version of Frank the Fruit Fly 2. If you beat the second screen, the game resets since that's all I have so far. I am really having trouble trying to think of stuff for Frank to do in this game.   On the third day of each month, I usually post a YouTube poop I made. This month is no different. Hear Wilford Brimley talk about strange and unfamiliar ice cream on my YouTube page.

The webs

I've been working on Frank the Fruit Fly 2 some more. I must have spent at least 3 hours or more trying to figure out how to transfer Frank's onscreen position to a square on the grid screen for a sort of collision detection. I also fixed some more bugs pertaining to death and what happens once you reach it. There sure are a lot of spiders in this particular Cambodian jungle. I am so sleepy I could go to sleep. I need to quit yawning so much and the only way to do that is sleep. If I


I was sick as a dog yesterday. I had to sleep at about 2 p.m. I woke up about 12 hours later, and I felt much better. I continued work on Frank the Fruit Fly 2. I replaced the level # in the game to a paused message if you pause the game. Needless to say, I added pausing. I only have to do it once due to the way I'm coding this. I was getting low on room in bank 0 so I moved some stuff to a newly-made bank 7. It freed up some room, but not as much as I had hoped. Since all I need to a

Memorial Day

I kind of find it eerie that I made this screen on Memorial Day: Oh well. I had nothing else better to do than work on this today. I have nothing else better to do than work on this every day. My eye hurts again, so I don't feel very good today. I also composed a little music, level 1 for the game. Now I'm stuck. What can Frank do in a jungle?  

Screen #1

I woke up early at 8 p.m. with a bad case of acid reflux. Food didn't help, milk didn't help. What did help was a Pepcid. Which was odd because I take one every day so I can swallow my food without choking on it. So I've been working since about 10 p.m. What I'm doing is working on Frank the Fruit Fly 2. After a ton of work trying, I made it so it jumps to a different bank to start the game. Frank's first jungle puzzle isn't really a puzzle. It's cross the spider web without touching

Lovely critters.

So this morning I was working on the computer when I heard mom say something to me. I went into the living room and there on the back porch was a raccoon. The cat wasn't too sure what to make of it, but we wanted it gone, so I went out the front door, walked out back and scared it away. About 10 minutes later, it was back, but when I went to go see, it wasn't there.   What was I working on? Frank the Fruit Fly 2. Again. Yesterday I played Solar Striker on the Game Boy with the Game Gen

I got bored.

Playing Donkey Kong Land last night got me fueled back up for Game Boy stuff: playing, collecting, programming. Nothing on eBay that I wanted (well, that I could afford, anyway). So when I got real bored, I decided to play with Game Boy programming a little. Now before you think "There's going to be a Frank the Fruit Fly sequel coming out next year," please bear in mind that this is just me goofing off with Game Boy programming. I'd need to think up of more stuff for Frank to do if I

Wow! A response!

So for the third time I tried to submit Frank the Fruit Fly to Incube8 Games. Well apparently the third time is the charm because shortly after my third attempt, I got an e-mail from them saying the form went through. I could have sworn I submitted my idea twice before. I clicked that submit button but nothing happened. So now what I need to do now is wait for a response. I don't have my hopes up. In fact, I'd be pleasantly surprised if they decided to publish it, but I doubt they will. Which is

Leaves of Grass

So I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly, trying to get a better Super Game Boy border in. I eventually did. So then I played it. I ran into a couple more bugs that needed fixing. So I fixed them. I put more realistic grass in. I used the same grass I put in The Ants cover. I saw that grass on that cover and thought "That looks like it could go in Frank the Fruit Fly's Super Game Boy border." I thought it would look better. Although I sadly had to get rid of the clouds, I think it looks a lo

Pink eye?

Yesterday my right eye was watering real bad. I had to keep rubbing it to get the water out of it. Then my eye looked all red. I went to sleep last night. I only got 12 hours of sleep, going to bed at 8 PM and waking up at 8 AM. I get real bored, so I thought I'd play a Game Boy game. I've been on a Game Boy kick lately I guess. I "touched up" the Frank the Fruit Fly box front. Here is how it looks now: This looks a lot more like a Game Boy box if Frank the Fruit Fly was released durin

Ftff box art.

So I got real bored. I decided to work on a MIDI. I was working on Van Morrison's "Summertime In England." But that's not what this blog entry is about. This is about Frank the Fruit Fly. I got a box template for a Game Boy box. I began working on the box designing. I like to be in control of art in my game. Unless I pass it along to someone else, which is what I did with Jack and the Beanstalk and 1 on 1 Basketball for the Odyssey 2.   So I was drawing when it occured to me that...I c

My website won't update.

I checked my Frank the Fruit Fly site. The last update on it was February 17. Which was odd because it says I last updated it on February 25 (yesterday.) So now I want to call my website provider and ask them why, but I don't want to talk to someone I can't understand in another country who doesn't know what I'm talking about. So if this persists, I might as well just shut the website down because what's the use of having a website if you can't update it?   I want people to play my LAT

Super Frank take 2.

I couldn't go to sleep last night. So I decided to attempt adding a Super Game Boy border to Frank the Fruit Fly again. A couple of hours later, verrry sleepy, I had it. Plus I fixed a few more bugs. I went to sleep at about 3:30 a.m. I have no idea why it said before that I had no room in bank 0, and now it fits in bank 0 just fine. I guess sometimes I have to try things more than once. All four enemies are in Robot Ron in 2084, but hardly anyone seems to care. I'm going to take

Super Frank

So I decided to make a SGB border for Frank the Fruit Fly. This ended up being harder to do than I anticipated. The SGB border data put in bank 0. This made bank 0 overflow. There was too little room. So something had to be moved to another bank. The title screen music was moved to bank 7 as well as some title screen code, and so the tracker .h file could go. This worked, but there were vertical lines showing up for a few frames right after the SGB was loaded but before the title screen showed u

More bug fixes.

Another playthrough and I found a bug. The game froze if you hit the back of the cat's throat. I fixed it. Then I found another bug pertaining to the window at the beginning of level 5. Then I fixed that and made some more changes to the code. I had to shorten the song in level 2 to make all my changes fit. I have 2% free in that bank. I made the health score save instead of resetting to 100% if you restart the game.   I think I got rid of all the instances where spritess "flash" on th

Bug fixes.

I have to give up on the Odyssey 2 game. It's being a stupid jerk and not working right. So I gave up on it. Why get angry if the stupid idiot computer is being stubborn?   Someone discovered a bug in Frank the Fruit Fly. I was like "oh great. " But in going to fix it, I discovered how to warp to a screen that needs fixing. It involves going into Emulicious and changing the .sav file with the Memory Editor. Which will help immensely if there are any more bugs that need to be fixed. So

Frank the fruit fly - 12/28/2022

Had a good xmas. The cat seems more adventurous now. She goes in my room sometimes and walks around. But we still don't know where she hides. She is good at hiding. Hours at a time. I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly some more. It hit me that the game did not have a PAUSE function. So I put one in. And then the animation broke when Frank got to a certain y position. So I spent all morning fixing it. I got up at about 4:30. I've been working here for 6 hours trying to make it all work. If you'd

Frank the Fruit Fly - 12/12/2022

I discovered yet another bug, this time relating to the saving. I worked for an hour or so in vain when it hit me: I looked in the compile batch file and realized I didn't update the c file I wanted to use. It was compiling using the old c file I hadn't been changing. So I changed it. If there is no save file, I figured "why display 'continue' when you can't?" So when you open the file in an emulator without a .sav file, you'll now get this: It still saves though if you open the new ga

Footage of Frank

So I attempted to make a video of Frank. I downloaded Bandicam and discovered that it had plastered a stupid Bandicam logo all over the video. I had to pay for that to go away. I reluctantly did, seeing as how the screen capture tool I had only did 30 fps while this did 60 fps. I recorded a 30 fps version and it was choppy as heck.   While I was doing the first one, I discovered another bug about Frank's animation not going if Frank reached a certain Y position. I have no idea why this

Bug fixes

So I recently came across a couple of bugs in what I thought was the final version. So I fixed them. Now I have a second release candidate. Only one person asked for the first one. I don't know if it's because hardly anyone has a Game Boy emulator, or because my programs suck. Anyway, on Monday I will begin e-mailing homebrewers seeing if anyone wants to publish it.   I've been sleeping for the most part. I woke up at 8 a.m. because my leg hurt. I took my pills, ate some breakfast, rea

Frank is finished.

Frank the Fruit Fly has been completed...unless someone finds a bug in it (no pun intended.)  Last night I composed and put in an ending song. This morning I reset the code to start at level 1 and tested the whole game. It works great. But since I know everything there is about the game and how to solve everything, it didn't take very long. Now I need some playtesters to test it. Feel free to PM me if you want to playtest the game and I will send it to you.   So all in all it took from
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