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More bug fixes.

Another playthrough and I found a bug. The game froze if you hit the back of the cat's throat. I fixed it. Then I found another bug pertaining to the window at the beginning of level 5. Then I fixed that and made some more changes to the code. I had to shorten the song in level 2 to make all my changes fit. I have 2% free in that bank. I made the health score save instead of resetting to 100% if you restart the game.   I think I got rid of all the instances where spritess "flash" on th

Bug fixes.

I have to give up on the Odyssey 2 game. It's being a stupid jerk and not working right. So I gave up on it. Why get angry if the stupid idiot computer is being stubborn?   Someone discovered a bug in Frank the Fruit Fly. I was like "oh great. " But in going to fix it, I discovered how to warp to a screen that needs fixing. It involves going into Emulicious and changing the .sav file with the Memory Editor. Which will help immensely if there are any more bugs that need to be fixed. So

Frank the fruit fly - 12/28/2022

Had a good xmas. The cat seems more adventurous now. She goes in my room sometimes and walks around. But we still don't know where she hides. She is good at hiding. Hours at a time. I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly some more. It hit me that the game did not have a PAUSE function. So I put one in. And then the animation broke when Frank got to a certain y position. So I spent all morning fixing it. I got up at about 4:30. I've been working here for 6 hours trying to make it all work. If you'd

Frank the Fruit Fly - 12/12/2022

I discovered yet another bug, this time relating to the saving. I worked for an hour or so in vain when it hit me: I looked in the compile batch file and realized I didn't update the c file I wanted to use. It was compiling using the old c file I hadn't been changing. So I changed it. If there is no save file, I figured "why display 'continue' when you can't?" So when you open the file in an emulator without a .sav file, you'll now get this: It still saves though if you open the new ga

Footage of Frank

So I attempted to make a video of Frank. I downloaded Bandicam and discovered that it had plastered a stupid Bandicam logo all over the video. I had to pay for that to go away. I reluctantly did, seeing as how the screen capture tool I had only did 30 fps while this did 60 fps. I recorded a 30 fps version and it was choppy as heck.   While I was doing the first one, I discovered another bug about Frank's animation not going if Frank reached a certain Y position. I have no idea why this

Bug fixes

So I recently came across a couple of bugs in what I thought was the final version. So I fixed them. Now I have a second release candidate. Only one person asked for the first one. I don't know if it's because hardly anyone has a Game Boy emulator, or because my programs suck. Anyway, on Monday I will begin e-mailing homebrewers seeing if anyone wants to publish it.   I've been sleeping for the most part. I woke up at 8 a.m. because my leg hurt. I took my pills, ate some breakfast, rea

Frank is finished.

Frank the Fruit Fly has been completed...unless someone finds a bug in it (no pun intended.)  Last night I composed and put in an ending song. This morning I reset the code to start at level 1 and tested the whole game. It works great. But since I know everything there is about the game and how to solve everything, it didn't take very long. Now I need some playtesters to test it. Feel free to PM me if you want to playtest the game and I will send it to you.   So all in all it took from

Ending (part 1)

Today I went to work on programming an ending in. I thought of an ending and put it in. I played the ending several times to make sure I got it just the way I wanted it to. Making changes, waiting a few minutes for it to compile (it is after all 8 banks' worth of code), played the ending, repeat. To make it easier on myself, I changed a bit of code so the game started at the ending.   I had to play through the whole thing in order to get to the ending once more. I fixed a bug about the

Busy as a fly

So even though I hurt, I worked on Frank anyway. I programmed in the boss fight yesterday. Most of today was spent working on putting in the game over screen. I must have spent about 5 hours just on that. It FINALLY clicked and I got it done. Next I will put in the ending. I have an idea of what the ending will be, I just need to program it in. And compose some music for it. The final boss fight isn't really a fight, you just need to avoid rocks being thrown for 2 minutes.   My stomach


Day 4 or so of my really bad stomachache? (I lost count) I guess putting a lemon in Frank the Fruit Fly didn't help. But I did put a lemon in the game. I had to redesign the lemon so it looked a lot better IMO. Originally it was all speckled, but I changed it so only the opposite end from the "sun" is speckled medium gray (the lemon is light gray.)   I also got rid of the garbled frame or so before the level introduction. The trick was to turn the display off when it happened. Only I w

Frank's first boss

I went to sleep for a long time. I woke up at around midnight. I began working on my idea for the first boss Frank faces at the end of the game. I had quite the time with programming it in. I had to change background screens mid-action, so as a result, I had to turn off the screen to load a screen in and then turn it on. The result, while you can notice the screen does turn off for a few frames, it isn't too bad, so I think I have to keep it in (Any other GB programmers who can shed light on how

Frank's boss

My stomach got worse. I've had diarrhea all night and my head still hurts. I woke up at about 8 p.m., so I'm wanting to go to bed soon. Before I fall asleep, I decided to start working on Frank the Fruit Fly. I've decided to start work on the boss today. The boss sequence will take up a few screens, so I got started on it even though I don't know how the rest of it will go. The bosses are giant bears. The first bear is throwing rocks at you. Then in the next screen, I'll make him sleeping and th

Egg drops

More Frank work. Today I found and fixed a problem with saving on levels 3, 4, 5, and 6. I discovered it after it wouldn't save the game after I beat the screen I made yesterday. I fixed it by making sure I call the save_game void was AFTER the get_level void.   I also made a screen involving a bird dropping an egg. Frank moves a little more slowly here, I did that to make it harder. I doubt birds are able to make eggs on demand just like this one does, but oh well. And snowmen and squ


So I was working on Frank the Fruit Fly when I thought of something: the game should make some sort of sound to alert the player you lost health. So I did it: I went through the massive codes and put a sound in every time Frank could lose health. It took all night. I went to sleep at about 7 a.m. and woke up to a painful leg at about 6 p.m. That happens. I lay too long and my right leg under the knee starts hurting. So I got up.   One of the things I couldn't figure out is how I broke

sane times

I attempted to speed up the compiling time on Frank the Fruit Fly. I think I did it. I had to fix a few minor things. I think I just fixed a bug that had Frank pause at the title screen. I composed a little song for level 6 and put it into the game. I made some improvements to the trees. I won't be celebrating Thanksgiving this year. It seems like it's become more of a minor holiday for me. Tomorrow I'll be here near my computer and sleeping.   Speaking of sleeping, while I w

beginning level 6 of Frank the Fruit Fly

I am having quite the problem with ending level 5 and beginning level 6. The code compiles okay just fine. It's just the LENGTH OF TIME it takes. Bank 0, which usually wasn't such a long time, now takes two more minutes after adding just a few more lines of code. I don't know how that happened, but I don't want to wait that much. I'm not a patient man, especially when I have to wait 3 minutes for a program to compile when it shouldn't have to. After about an hour of changing stuff, about 90% of

I can't trigger it

I went back to working on Frank the Fruit Fly. I tried and tried but I just could not make the game crash like it did before, which is odd because I only made a few changes to the November 6 version (v.91), making a v.92. I remember it coming only when I enter my saved game for the first time. So after I tested it, I had to quit the emulator and start it back up again. I must have tested it at least ten times and I just could not make it crash. So I am going to start working on this again, and i

Bugs in my game.

The bug came back in my Frank the Fruit Fly game. It doesn't happen very often. And it only seems to happen when it goes from level 5 back to the title screen. I was planning on making a game over screen before it goes back to the title screen if the health reaches 0. I don't know why it keeps happening. I put in some code I had from Ugly Uppity Umpire but it didn't seem to help. I don't know why this is happening. It goes seamlessly from bank to bank as long as it doesn't go back to the title s


I didn't mean to sleep all day yesterday. I broke my sleeping record by sleeping for 21 hours straight. I didn't mean to. I was awake for most of my birthday, so I got to sleep at about 9:30PM. Then I woke up at about 7PM. I went back to sleep at 7:30PM and slept for a few more hours, waking up at about midnight tonight.   After I woke up, I decided to work on Frank the Fruit Fly again. I made a fireplace. The fire will be on most of the time. When it's not, that's when you can go in t

Back to Frank.

Yesterday and today I spent a lot of time working on Frank the Fruit Fly. I'm back to working on this again. This first one was kind of easy since it was just avoiding the large flies (Frank, after all, is a smaller fruit fly.) Art imitates life. I got the idea for this screen after ants were crawling around my desk in my room. So I put in a messy table with ants crawling around on it. The first version of the couch wasn't very good, so I wanted to redraw it. I like this

It happened again.

That darn bug will not get squished. I was playing it and I noticed something: It only happens on a first run-through. Meaning if I clear it and then start back, it won't happen. So I have to close the emulator and open it back up every time I clear the room. So I tried yet another thing to try to stop it from happening. After about 10 times of exiting the emulator and opening it back up, it hasn't happened yet.   I don't know why it happens, so I don't know how to stop it. All I know

A new idea.

Another bathroom idea. This time it's for a new room in Frank the Fruit Fly. I spent a few hours coding and it's now in the game. The game froze after exiting the level again. So I tried something new that I hope will work. I deleted a bit of code. It's really odd that it doesn't do that all the time. Why wouldn't it? I don't know.   The game will have at least one "exclusive" screen. All the others I've had to steal from the Pokemon Mini version.   I was thinking a

Opening the windows

It's not something you would want to do when your air quality is "Unhealthy". So I'll be keeping them closed. But the house in Frank the Fruit Fly has windows that are opening and closing. Your job is to get into the house when the window is open. The reason why the window is so thin is due to Game Boy technical reasons. Originally the plan was to have the window be twice as wide, and have 8 sprites make up the window. But the fly kept disappearing over the left side of the window due

Composure (part 2)

So I finally found the registration code for my Anvil Studio print sheet option which I had to pay $40 for a long time ago. And I finally realized the way to put it in so it's usable. And I like it much better than the original, it looks much more like "official" sheet music (whatever that means). This had way more options, like how big the notes are, how many can fit on a line, etc. And I experimented until I got a part to fit on one page. I attached what I got it to look like here.  

level 4 finished

I took some time to finish level 4 of Frank the Fruit Fly. The gist of the next two screens is: Frank is always moving right, no matter what you do. Your job is to avoid the spikes in the wall by going up or down (depending on which screen you're on.) Once you get past the second of these screens, you'll finish level 4. But since I haven't programmed anything about level 5 in yet, it'll just go back to the title screen.   If you touch the pointy wall, Frank will lose 5 (!) health point
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