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A ton of games.

I've decided to quit work on Bert's Games for now. I was trying to get the keyboard code working, but I think I'm going to have to go back and redo what I had of the paperclip game. It got so frustrating, and I don't like to be that. I hate being angry.   So "what can I do?" I came across my Pokemon Mini. I played a little of my game I had made. I remember I was going to make this an "Action 52" sort of minigame collection, since I made one game and I have enough room for a menu in the

Still icy

This afternoon we're supposed to get .1" to .25" of freezing ice. So I think if we get past this we should be in the clear since it's going to be above freezing starting early tomorrow morning. Right now it's still cold, 18 degrees. My stomach hurts. I don't know if it's due to the anxiety of freezing ice or if I ate too much during this all. It's a good thing toilets aren't electric because I think I'm going to need one today.   While still having power, I worked on Pokemon Mini progr

More ice

So apparently mid day tomorrow we'll get some more ice. But there is hope. Wednesday's high is supposed to be 50. So even if the power does go out, we'll have at most two days with it being below freezing while huddling close to the fireplace playing Game Boy and Pokemon Mini games. Last time I checked it was 19 and it's a little after 7 a.m. I usually get up at about 3:30a.m. and go to sleep at around noon for now.   While the power is on still, I took some time to work on Pokemon Min

I made a splash screen

For a game that doesn't exist...yet. I got bored, so I thought I'd work on the Pokemon Mini some. While I couldn't make 4 colors, I did manage to make this: This is the splash screen. It plays "Yes, We Have No Bananas," the only song I know about bananas. I wanted a song here to showcase the PM's (awful) ability for music. It only has one channel. I don't know how the original games sound so good with just one channel. When the short song is over, it switches to a screen that says


atari2600land in Pokémon Mini

Six² update for May 29, 2023 (Magnavox Odyssey)

Tomorrow is the day my overlays get mailed to me.  When they arrive and if all is well, then I will "soon" after put a Marketplace thread about taking preorders. I went back to a little bit of video game work. This time I tried another attempt at "Burgers To Go" for the Pokemon Mini. My last attempt, the first one, ended in disaster and fiery flames. But I thought "Why?" It's such a simple concept. So I tried again. I think I have the beginnings of something that will actually work. Well, i
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