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I made a splash screen

For a game that doesn't exist...yet. I got bored, so I thought I'd work on the Pokemon Mini some. While I couldn't make 4 colors, I did manage to make this: This is the splash screen. It plays "Yes, We Have No Bananas," the only song I know about bananas. I wanted a song here to showcase the PM's (awful) ability for music. It only has one channel. I don't know how the original games sound so good with just one channel. When the short song is over, it switches to a screen that says

Six² update for May 29, 2023 (Magnavox Odyssey)

Tomorrow is the day my overlays get mailed to me.  When they arrive and if all is well, then I will "soon" after put a Marketplace thread about taking preorders. I went back to a little bit of video game work. This time I tried another attempt at "Burgers To Go" for the Pokemon Mini. My last attempt, the first one, ended in disaster and fiery flames. But I thought "Why?" It's such a simple concept. So I tried again. I think I have the beginnings of something that will actually work. Well, i
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