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The F stands for food

I am back working on Channel F again. I had some new positive thoughts for the sixth game I tried to program earlier. So I began to work on it some more. I also discovered the title screen music wasn't looping, so I had to fix that. And, which is new, I made the menu more legible. While this looks better, I don't know if it will all fit on a TV. I also had to shorten a few game titles. I guess unfortunately the guy who was making the Channel F flashcarts is apparently not goi

Updating the menu.

So I decided that the gnome game shouldn't be gnomes, but Nintendo got it right about the octopus. So I redesigned the game and made it an underwater scene. It now has eight possible tentacles to go down and attack the celery. Not only do squids and stuff have 8 tentacles, it's also a good number for computing with, dividing evenly into 256. And I renamed the game since I moved it to the ocean. And that meant redesigning the menu. I found a whole bunch of stuff that could be changed in order to

Designing a menu.

I decided to break up into indivisual games the games in Adventures of the Stalk of Celery, my Channel F game I was making. I got the urge to work on Channel F for no apparent reason again. I sure do wish I had a flash cart for the Channel F. Anyway, the cartridge's menu looks like this: I think I will need to make the screen thinner and more centered for it to all fit on the screen. And now my eye hurts. Not that it was hard, my eye just starts hurting for no apparent reason sometimes

Celery level 4 and 5

I thought up of a few more Celery scenarios. Level 4 - Island Is Land This will be like the old Game and Watch game Manhole, in which you need to place islands over the holes for Mr. Celery while he's crossing the screen. So it's a little like level 2 in reverse.   Just thought of another scenario a few minutes ago where level 5 will be like that old cancelled Atari 2600 game "Garfield" which Mr. Celery needs to cross fences while things are whizzing around the fence and the
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