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Colecovision again - 5/31/2024

So my Colecovision SD cart came yesterday. After attempting for like a half-hour trying to put the SD cart in the hole, I actually did it. I turned on the Colecovision, loaded my game, and...                     The game works, but it was really slooooow. I never realized how slow the game was looking at it on an emulator vs. playing it on a TV. So I sped the game up a lot. Doubled the speed and tried again. That was much better. I actually

Flying Potato Chips (Colecovision) - the chicken nugget

Worked on this a little more today. I woke up at about 4 p.m. after going to sleep at around midnight. That is a chicken nugget. If you shoot at it, you get two points, just like a regular enemy. But if you touch it, you get an extra life! Chicken nuggets don't show up if you have 9 lives remaining. so 10 lives is the maximum amount of lives you can have. I spent a couple of hours on this. Also, the chichen nugget starts showing up on the second level. I am so sleepy. I got 16 hours o

Flying Potato Chips (Colecovision) - Level 2 work

I've been busy with Flying Potato Chips for Colecovision these past 2 days. I've made some more songs and little jingles for game over, level beaten, and title screen. The song that was on the title screen and level 1 is now just on level 1. I also began work on the second level: Frozen Lakes. It sucks there's no brown. I had to use dark yellow for the tree trunks, but it looks good. Some more stuff to do: introduce more enemies than just a pretzel. popcor

Flying Potato Chips (Colecovision) - onion rings

It took a few hours and much yelling and cursing but I finally got the pretzels to shoot onion rings out sometimes. I need to figure out Random. I put Random(1)+1 but that doesn't work. In the end, I had to put random/32768 to get a number between 0 and 1. I need a way to test this on my Colecovision, but I don't know what I need. I wish there was a Colecovision Everdrive.   I also got some Colecovision games. Ken Uston's Poker & Blacjack is okay, but it seems like you l

Flying Potato Chips (Colecovision) - level work

So I have discovered something I am fearful of: I don't know what I'm doing. Nevertheless, I trudge on, trying to learn stuff as I go along. Since WAIT is only being used in the scrolling_portion subroutine in my code, I guess that's where most of the code is actually being executed. Or something. Like I said, I don't know.   I took a lot of time to delete in my code a place where a goto command is in a subroutine. It took forever to make it work since I don't know what I'm

Flying Potato Chips (Colecovision)

Learning more about Colecovision limits. So apparently if more than 4 sprites are in the same y position, they all flicker like crazy. Since I would like there to be four sprites moving at the same time (chip, shake, fry, onion ring), I could not make it a hamburger since that was using two sprites. I had to change it to a potato chip. So now the name of the game is Flying Potato Chips. I worked a ton on this. I had hours to spare, so I figured why not? The potato chip can shoot the s

Flying Hamburgers (Colecovision) - Scrolling

So after working for a few hours, I finally got scrolling implemented. You can also move the burger around as well. The secret to doing that was putting all the code pertaining to movement in a gosub and then calling it during the scrolling part between if and next code. Pretty clever, huh? Plus, it doesn't even slow down the game any! The grass is whizzing by as the burger goes for a fly. For the boss level, I just plan to have one normal-sized milkshake act like a boss. But first I have to cod

Flying Hamburgers (Colecovision) - Title Screen

In yesterday's blog, I said I was going to start working on a version of Flying Hamburgers for the Colecovision. Well, I started. And added some stuff in there. I need some more information on how to scroll the screen. But I got the title screen done. I want to scroll the screen, just like in the Intellivision version. But I don't know if I'll be able to do that.

Tarzan raised Desi Arnaz' rat.

I found a copy of Tarzan for Colecovision in my garage today. I put it in and played it. Well, "played" it. For you see, I can't get past the fourth screen. I tried going to the right, but to no avail. Apparently there's this blue thing that is really hard to see on a green background. So I punched it out and then tried to go right. No, that didn't do it. So I've not good things to say on this game other than it's my 30th one. I'm supposed to get a few more in a few days, so we'll see how that g

Colecovision fun

So my Colecovision was barely working. Faded colors, sprites sometimes not showing up, other stupid quirks. Yes, I tried cleaning the power switch. I even tried cleaning the reset button. It still was being a barely functional machine. So I decided to get another one off of eBay. I got the cheapest one there. It had no wires, but it said it works fine. Well, I just got the mail today and there was my Colecovision. I opened the box, stuck my wires in, and...   IT WORKS! Bright, lovely c

Giant Sheep Invading Ecuador

So this took a few hours that I want back again. In the words of Hans Moleman: "I'd just waste them anyway." I don't know what the giant sheep are up to. But one thing is certain: They're invading Ecuador.   I have finally understood a few things. Like how to define 8x8 squares and put them on the screen. I was so sleepy yesterday. I was only awake for two hours. I don't know what was wrong. I kept on being sleepy. And, since I was sleepy, no sense being awake and suffering
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