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two bananas.

I worked some more on my jaguar game. I put in a second banana for the pineapple to dodge. I also changed the pineapple's looks. And I changed the title screen. This took awhile. I saved a little space by making the background a 4-bit image instead of an 8-bit one. It's just one color, but it wasn't working if I changed it to 1 bit. I changed the font a little. I would like to add another tropical fruit to collect for bonus points. In the 7800 version it was a papaya, but i

pineapples for jaguar

I returned to work on the jaguar version of "pineapple." Why? I don't know. I don't have an idea for the sheep game.   My pineapple code was a big huge mess, so the first order was to clean it up and make sure it still works. I put the ingame code in a sub and the title screen stuff in another sub. Then, I decided to add a sound effect for when a banana hits a wall. So I played around with the MIDI drum set and put it in. Next on the agenda was to make it not play when the banana is mo

Bouncing banana

I got a bouncing banana. It bounces around the screen. Then I got the crazy idea of a Tapeworm-like level. I got it able to do this as well, but with a little extra code. I don't know how much code the Jaguar can handle for each vsync. I also got my .raw files to play correctly. So now with a banana bouncing around the screen, the next step is to add the pineapple in. So that's what I'll do next. I plan to have odd-numbered levels be the open field and even-numbered levels be this. I

the fumes got me again.

Last night I played my Jaguar for the first time in a long time. I played some Wolfenstein 3D. I discovered something: The Jaguar has battery backup capabilities! I was poking around the number pad and when I pressed 1 it said "SAVE TO FILE 1". So when I was done, I turned the Jag off and back on again and sure enough, it saved my game at the level I had left off at. I discovered the map comes on if you press 5. I played it in God mode because I'm not very good at games like this.   So

The fumes got me.

It had been a looooong time since I hooked up my Jaguar. I think I'll do that later tonight. I was playing Aaron the Aardvark again on emulator when I found a few bugs (not the ants.) So I went back and I think I fixed them. While I was at it, I changed the copyright date to 2024 just in case it ever gets published. Forunately for me, I began collecting when games weren't horribly expensive so I was able to get a near complete collection. But I don't have a Jag CD and I don't want to spend $500


atari2600land in Jaguar stuff.

Jeff Minter Classics title screen questions

Here are some questions I have about the title screen for Jeff Minter Classics for the Atari Jaguar.   1. Do llamas really sound like sheep? The title screen has sheep baaing and at first I thought that might be the llama making a baa sound, but then I thought, "Well, llamas don't make a baa! sound..." or do they?   2. What is the computer voice saying during the intro music? It sounds like it's saying "Earth-crushing deeds." It's like the Pin-Bot paradox. As a kid, I had Pin


atari2600land in Jaguar stuff.

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