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It's done.

After playing and testing and stuff Sunday night and this morning I think I got all the bugs fixed and I'm calling Ugly Uppity Umpire completed and finished. Now I'd like for someone to publish this for me, but I doubt anyone will. I worked on this for about a year off-and-on.   I tested this on a real Super Game Boy and I can't get rid of the black screen for a few frames when it powers up due to the fact that the PAL SNES needs four frames to wait for the Super Game Boy border to loa

Levels 49 & 50

Well, it took about about a year of off-and-on working on this, but I finally put 50 levels in the game. I worked on level 49 today, and after finishing it, I decided I might as well just design and put in the 50th. I will not put pictures nor update the site with the final version with all 50 levels, so don't go looking for them. You'll have to play the game to find out what they are.   Level 50 was really hard to design correctly. So hard to beat I got so angry even though it was pos

Level 48

I worked on Ugly Uppity Umpire today. I made level 48. Do you know what this means? I only have 2 more levels to design! It's been really REALLY hard designing these levels, so not having to stretch my brain trying to design them will be really good. So once level 50 is done, I can work on the ending. I'll put the ending in bank 5. I'm also wanting to design a really cool Super Game Boy border and put it in bank 6, but I suck at drawing. I should have all the levels designed by ea


Long-time readers of my blog know the fascination I have with the number 47. Well, one of my projects and 47 collided. I finished level 47 of Ugly Uppity Umpire. Nothing special though, I had this idea and at first I couldn't pass it (a requirement for my levels being done. If I can't even pass it, who else would be able to?!) A change of making the squares kitty corner from the teleports be open so you could get away from the underwear really quickly after using them.   So a

August 26, 2023

I worked on level 46 of Ugly Uppity Umpire. I also worked on Flies for the Odyssey². Both were great success. I was working on Flies last night but I couldn't get to make the flies drop down and die when being swatted. Well, I did last night, but the letter K kept showing up in the upper left hand corner of the screen. After sleeping for 15 hours, I finally found the reason and fixed it.   Sneaky Snakes came in the mail today. It works fine, but I'll have to explore it f


So yesterday a fire broke out about 3-4 miles from my house. The local news outlets went down there to cover it, which is interesting since they had to travel all the way frpom Portland to do so. My sister was nearer the fire than we were, she said she heard the planes flying around fighting the fire. It even got a name: The Liberty Fire. (It was near Liberty Rd.) So I went to sleep, and when I woke up 9 hours later, the Liberty fire was dead. We've lived here about 15 years, and this is only th

Level 42

Two more days of wondering what could be wrong with me. In the midst of all that, I decided to work on Ugly, Uppity Umpire again. When I get angry or worried my eye starts hurting. So my eye has been hurting each night now. I made level 42. It took a LONG time to make this into a workable, non-easy level. I declared it finished, but easy. So I decided to work on it some more, moving more blocks and opening up new ways. This is a long way from what I had originally started with. I had t


So I'm working on Ugly Uppity Umpire again. I made level 41. It has 12 sprites moving independently. I had a working level 41 but I dubbed it too easy and wondered what I could do to make it harder. I opened some squares, put other blocks in until I had this: Since I design a new block every 8 levels it was time to design a new one. It kind of reminds me of the flag of New Mexico: Only in black and white. I was all set to get some nachos from Taco Bell tomorrow, but since my


So this morning I took @Tanooki 's advice and made the guy walk the way he's facing. Took up all of my waking hours and more to get it working good. Found a few bugs that I think I fixed.     The majority of the trouble came with attempting to use sprite_prop to flip the sprites. Eventually I had to give up doing that and making flip sprites that I can call instead. So the next thing to do is design and add level 39 in.   It's been such a boring Saturday otherwise it felt lik

level 38

I introduced some new game mechanism. As the level designing keeps progressing, I figured I needed to mix things up a little. I designed a level that I wanted Ulysses to go off the screen and reappear on the other side. But after trying to do that, it wasn't going to work due to the moving tables I need to rely on for whether he can move or not. So I decided to do this: Add teleporation devices. When Ulysses steps into a teleportation device, he will reappear at the other one with a wh

Level 35

Here is level 35 of Ugly Uppity Umpire for Game Boy. The ghost chases you and the underwear moves from left to right at the bottom. I added in the underwear as I thought the level was too easy, especially without it. As you can see, I darkened the wood. I did this so it's easier to see the ghosts. So I will put level 36 in banks 2 and 3 and then start with the bank 4 unifying thing. This was because my code in bank 0 to get data info had it so the temporary level was temp=level/12. 36

Bread and butter

I've decided to continue making my Game Boy game I've been working on for about 9 months now. I guess I work on stuff really slowly because today I completed level 34. That may seem impressive, but not really since it's a Chip's-Challenge-type game. Since this isn't really a particularly hard game to make (all the "hard" stuff has been completed for the most part), I've decided to make one level per day. I will need to introduce more banks to the game as the game continues to get work

What I want to do

So today I worked on Ugly Uppity Umpire for the Game Boy. I came to realize that this was going to be a much better game than my Commodore 64 game. So I decided I'm going to shelve the C64 game for now and work on Ugly Uppity Umpire until I finish it. I worked on adding level 32. Most of it was trying to make it a beatable level with an idea I had. The underwear at the top and bottom are fast and the one on the right side is slow. So I kept on trying various things until I was happy wi

I'm a Game Boy boy

So I decided to give up on the Commodore 64 doodling and instead go back to something I can understand, if only at least partially. I made level 31 of Ugly Uppity Umpire. It looks easy, but it took a while for me to complete. So I know it can be done because I did it. Happy fourth. I haven't heard any fireworks yet. Must be because I sleep then. I don't expect to be woken up, my fan is pretty loud. I think I may have sleep paralysis. When I wake up, I can't move my head and get up

Password code fixed.

I knew my code was correct. But one thing I didn't realize had kept it from working: The fact that all the variables you use have to be stored in bank 0. I didn't know that. From then you can call them in bank 4 with "extern" uint8_t. You can't just store them in the bank they're currently being used in. So now you can delete the password one letter at a time. And I'm happy, relatively speaking. I kept in the part about pressing select to get to level 1 in case you got to this scr

Ugly Uppity Umpire update - June 27, 2023

I forgot I had to subtract the password number to get the correct password number by pressing left, but only if the number is a B. But I couldn't get it to subtract letters correctly. So instead I did this: Pressing Start will redo the password entry. I didn't want to have to do it like that, but my computer was being a jerk. To the point that A and B just quit working altogether. So now what I need to do is stop working on this for a few days to refresh. I find after I spend most my w

Ugly Uppity Umpire update - June 26, 2023

I tried. I really did. I tried to make the background scroll and use that thing I used in hamburgers so I could put non-moving text on the screen. But it just wasn't going to happen. My computer was being a stupid jerk. This was all for the password entry screen. So now it's static. Look. I somehow managed to make a good (IMHO) password screen song. Since I spent hours on this before giving up, I'm not going to do anything else on this today since I'll probably be going to bed in a cou

Ugly Uppity Umpire Update - June 25, 2023

This morning I decided to change the whole thing around and instead of it saving your progress, it has passwords instead. Growing up as a kid, I always hated passwords in games, but now as an adult making this, I understand why most games have them: to keep costs down.   I decided to make each password a binary number between 1 and 255. The 0s are represented by A presses and the 1s represent B presses. For example, the password for level 2 is ABABABAB. You enter this on the password s

Ugly uppity umpire update - June 24, 2023

Just because the Odyssey 2 version is cancelled doesn't mean the Game Boy version is cancelled. In fact, quite the opposite. I just got done programming in level 29 while waiting for the groceries to get delivered. They said they'd come between 7-9 a.m. After they come I'm going to sleep because I'm sleepy. It's almost 8 a.m. here and they still haven't come. It's past my bedtime. I want my groceries so I can go to sleep. I thought I might have heard a bee in the house, but I haven't h

Ugly uppity umpire update

This weekend I made two new levels. That brings the total number of levels to 28. My goal is 50. While I was working on the game trying to figure out why the third ghost in level 28 wasn't working correctly, the power went out for a few seconds. That was a little over an hour ago. I had to turn my computer back on and resume working on it. I fixed the third ghost problem. It was a "well, duh!" moment.          I have an idea for the final level. So I have to design 21 more levels


I got extremely bored last night. I gave up trying to think of something I wanted to do at about 7 p.m. and decided to go to sleep. While I was laying there, I thought I should work on my Ugly Uppity Umpire game for the Game Boy. So that's what I did. I made a level 25 and then went to sleep.   I woke up this morning and decided to attempt to make the compiling of bank 2 shorter. I did this by making more void() functions. It worked. I had cut its compiling time in about half. But now

Ugly Uppity Umpire - level 24

It is not the "Uppity Ugly Umpire," it is the "Ugly Uppity Umpire." I made level 24 today. Solving it proved very difficult, but doable. Making it solvable was also hard. The key was to slow the underwear down. But it still is difficult because the ghost is chasing you as well. I don't think I'm going to be able to make 100 different levels all by myself. So the new plan is 50. So I'm about half-way done with the game. I also worked some more on the Celery program for Channel F, f

Uppity Ugly Umpire - level 23

I worked a lot on UUU these past few days. Saturday especially. What I was mainly doing was making the code more efficient. I put in some functions instead of switch statements. The game works exactly the same as before, but the code is much more efficient. I made a couple more levels for the game. The big challenge in programming this was trying to make the underwear enemy in the middle move diagonally. But I eventually did it.   Steve left. And my new razor came. It doesn't

Uppity Ugly Umpire - level 21

I think this is the hardest level yet. The ghosts move around in a square pattern. This was the hardest part: making sure they do. I had to check boundaries over and over again and make sure they weren't being crossed. And then I had to make sure the level was solvable. I eventually found a way to solve it, but it did take a while. That's why I said it may be the hardest level yet.   I worked on it because I was fat and I was trying to get my mind off eating and the fact that
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