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Early work - level 13

So while designing a level, I noticed I would need the enemies to move pretty slow. So instead of making the underwear move slow, I decided to make a new enemy to move slower. So I made a snail. I also made some changes to some sprites. I added white parts to the ghost's eyes and fixed Ulysses's right hand. I composed a song right before I went to sleep last night. I just wish there was a better way to plot out the screen, like if I would want a brick, just put a 1 and then the pr

another new return of the Ugly Uppity Umpire.

I'm back working on the Game Boy because it's a lot better than Odyssey 2 programming. And I like the Game Boy. I resumed work yesterday after a month of not working on it. I had forgotten some stuff I needed to know programming the game. Then I went to sleep for 15 hours. And then I got up at about 8 a.m. and worked some more on it. I finished level 12. I think I fixed a bug related to Ulysses's walking animation. I don't know why but I think I did a really good job designing the unde

the next return of the Ugly Uppity Umpire

So with Frank the Fruit Fly finished, I need to work on something to make me not bored. My thoughts returned to the Ugly uppity umpire game I was working on for Game Boy. I have decided to return to work on it. I found a few flaws that I fixed and everything should be okay now. Now I can go back to work adding new stuff when I think of things.   I added some stuff I thought of in Frank the Fruit Fly here as well, like only displaying NEW GAME when there's no save data, and adding in CO

1 day, 2 levels

So I think level 9 is the hardest level I have made for Ugly Uppity Umpire so far. It's on the right. On level 8 (on the left), the ghost follows you around.    I think I have finalized the game setup as well. The title screen music is in bank 0, but I have decided to put all the music into bank 3. Banks 1 & 2 will be filled with the first part of the level data for the game, banks 4 & 5 for the second part of the level data, and banks 6 & 7 the end part. I think having all

Return of the Ugly Uppity Umpire.

So I have made a decision. I'm going to stop work on Frank the Fruit Fly and devote all my Game Boy time to Ugly Uppity Umpire. It was not an easy decision. Perhaps I will go back to FTFF some day, but for now, I need to quit on it because it has quite a few bugs. But do you know what doesn't have any bugs? The Ugly Uppity Umpire.   I've been working on it for a few hours. One of the thing I did was add saving. It automatically saves after you beat a level. Then I put in a "new game" o


It's October 31. AKA Halloween. I have a Halloween present: A new level of Ugly Uppity Umpire. I made a level with ghosts in it. What's the difference between a ghost and underwear, you may ask. Ghosts can go through walls, underwear can't. I thought up of the ghost enemy when I first thought up of the game. I just hadn't thought of a good reason to use enemies that can go through walls until now.   I've decided to not have a save feature or a password for this game. Instead,

ugly uppity umpire - level 4

I just played Chip's Challenge. Not the whole thing, I got stuck on level 9 so I quit. But there's just somet hings that Chip's Challenge will have that UUU won't. Like the mud blocks that turn solid when water touches them. And perhaps even water. I've got about 39% room left in bank 0 (the game's logic bank). I guess if I need to I could put the title screen in a different bank, but I don't want to.   I added keys, though. You can't go to the keyhole square unless you have

ugly uppity umpire - level 2

Now you can try level 1 of my new game I started work on yesterday. Download the game at the official Ugly, Uppity Umpires webpage. I fixed some bugs and changed some sprites, including the  underwear sprite. They now look like this: I've been having horrible problems with my mouse lately. It left clicks like Hell, sometimes dragging stuff I didn't even click on around. I tried to put this image in this blog. It ended up putting all the files in my folder in here, so I had to delete th

The Ugly, Uppity Umpire

So I got bored with Frank the Fruit Fly. It happens: I get bored with something and want to work on something else. I wanted to try and make something like Chip's Challenge for the Game Boy. What came out of that was Ulysses, the Ugly Uppity Umpire. His quest is for umbrellas. Chasing him is a pair of dirty underwear. Let's face it: underwear is evil. I need someone to draw a better pair of underwear for me. But this will have to do for now. What Ulysses needs to do is get all the umbr
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