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Scary Tales #3 (part 2)

I thought I wasn't going to do the cover for a while, but as it turns out I got some inspiration and made a cover for it. And I learned something: Drawing a hippopotamus is hard. So I put it on the website just in time for the holiday season.   I can't believe it's December and it's 63 degrees right now. I'm hot in here. I got the mail. I got a bubbleope mail. Inside was a copy of Star Wars: Jedi Adventure for the Tiger R-Zone. It came with a little plastic holder. I now have four game


atari2600land in poet tree.

Scary Tales #3

I got an idea for the third Scary Tales tale. So I went to my computer and began to write it. I had felt a wave of ideas coming to my brain so I put them down on my computer. And a few hours later, I had it: The third scary tale.   I had an idea, but then I thought for a little bit and the idea was actually a Goosebumps book. Well, perhaps. All I remember about the book was the cover, a giant kid, seen from legs down, stomping around on a playground. I had wanted to make a story about


atari2600land in poet tree.

Another boring day.

Today was a boring day. So I decided to go through my papers. While I was, I discovered a couple of stories I thought I had lost. One of them was made in 2020, so it was on my computer. The other one is undated, but it was from when I was a kid, I'm guessing around 1996 or so? So since the old one wasn't on my computer yet, I decided to type it up so it was in a Libre Office file. I don't use Word since I'd have to pay for it. I used to have Word, but the computer died and left me with no w


atari2600land in poet tree.

Poems en español

A long time ago, I took Spanish in seventh grade. I didn't do too well in it though. But I noticed that the words "llueve" (rain) and "nueve" (nine) rhymed. I kept that in my memory bank for a long time. It was last night when I couldn't sleep that I thought I'd try to make a poem out of it. Since I forgot the rest of the Spanish I learned, I got my English/Spanish dictionary out and began work. This is the result. I highly doubt the Spanish syntax is correct, but oh well.   llueve en

a little poem I wrote.

like a cat that is flat on the road like a butt with its own zip code like the cat poop that is in my den like the black ink I get when I chew on a pen like standing outside in the snow when all you have on is some socks and when you try to take a step you slip on slippery rocks like noticing your shoe's untied and the laces get in the gears in a bicycle ride so you fall down on the ground and you feel pain and you notice on the pavement is a bit of your brain and no one's th
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