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some notes about an old dream to make a VCS game

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Early Artworks and first levels

Back in the days (2011-15), we used visualbb to start assembling the differents levels. The first level was slightly modfied so that each different level have a different challenge for the gameplay. The background used the extra possibilities offered by the SARA chipset and thanks to Michael « SeaGtGruff » Rideout. severals levels later, the maximum capacity of the standard kernel of 32Kb is close to be reached. We also tried to make our customed cartridge and for

Drakhan's Night

In 2011, we announced our aim to make a game for the VCS. Jean crafted this box while the game was at early stage (a single level without any sound). Time flies   The project is (still) ambitious and we're still struggling with realizing some of its objectives:   - Action RPG: Only your dexterity will defeats the Evil Drakhan™ and all its mignons. - Non-Linear Main Quest: Explore the Dark Lands at your will. - Secondary quests: Help others characters and gain items
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