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bomberpunk  (BOM bur punk)  n.  a name spawned in the early 1990s derived from the NES game "Bomberman" and the GameBoy game "Atomic Punk".  i am the original bp.  accept no substitutes.


retro gaming. Qbasic programming. rock music. dad life. food. 

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Crash Fix: Nintendo 3DS XL - Black Screens with only Blue LED lit

[#052] yesterday I dusted off my 3DS to show my oldest daughter a few games that showcase the 3D effect. At some point she went back to reading her book for school (good girl!) and I made my way over to the Badge Arcade app, which is a claw machine type game where you win different sprites spanning across several first-party & third-party series. the past few years have been first party only probably due to contract expirations with the likes of Capcom among others. Sadly, I'll never finish
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