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A simple guide to selling Atari on Ebay.

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Whats the difference between a heavy sixer and 6 switch woody?

Ok... so here is the deal. I am certain that most of my fellow vintage collectors already know this information. But in case you don't or in case you are new.. let me shed some light on a few things. I have been a seller and buyer on Ebay for a while now. And one of the biggest sellers of the old school market is the Atari 2600 system. Every 20 years or so the vintage stuff gets hot again. And right now, the 2600 is hot. And there were several models of this system. They all have a t

My Experiences on Ebay.

It has been my experience that Atari sells well on Ebay. But, not for as much money as you might think. I check this site as well as several others that claim to the true cost of some Atari games and Ebay prices are much less. Mostly due to the fact of competition. If I put up a copy of Defender at $5.00, then a thousand other people will put theirs up at $4.99, then $4.98 and so on until the item can be bought for much less than what is expected by Atariage or other sites. This is jus
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