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My Collection - Part Two

So here are my Activision, Absolute and Epyx games. Probably the only complete sets that I have (perhaps M-Network as well). I've always had a particular like for Activision comics and if I'm completely honest with myself I'd say they were best company for the 2600 back in the day. Their titles always seemed to me the more original and were effectively home game exclusives, many of them quite original. I liked how they had the consistent packaging, you got to see a picture of the actual de



My Collection

Started looking at some of the cartridges I have in storage and snapped some pics. I ended buying a few more carts in the last year and was organizing them a bit differently today. It includes everything except the Atari and Activision sets (which I'll take up some other day). I have some boxed games as well. This is probably half my cartridges?   When I started collecting 7-8 years I quickly honed into the Tigervision and Spectravideo carts, and after so long didn't really get anywhere.



Favourite Atari 2600 Sports Games

In order: Decathlon Realsports Soccer Pole Position Track&Field Enduro Realsports Boxing Tennis California Games Realsports Baseball Winter Games Decathlon This is the game that I got because I was so hooked on the Hyper Olympics (Track & Field) arcade game. Released in time to take advantage of the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics, and to cash in with the following of Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses, and I suppose Ken Jenner, this was an excellent game. I ended up saving

Surprising Games

Like many folks here at AA, I've been playing video games for a long time and had the opportunity to experience Atari games when they were new back in the early 80s. Over the years, I ended playing many of the games, their arcade originals, the computer variants, seeing them in catalogues and reading about them in magazines or books. For a few years in the 80s, I was in place were Atari cartridges were a rare sight and the only common games that folks would play at home (if they were lucky) w

The Sound of Musik

It is clear that not including the POKEY sound chip was not a good decision. The many "What Ifs" in the Forum and on people's blogs go on and on. It is kinda sad to see games like Ikari Warriors, Ninja Golf, Double Dragon and Summer Games with sound based on 70s technology. Having said, at the end of the day no cares that car engine noises sound better on Forza on the XBOX One, or Gran Turismo or on the PS4. What console buyers care for are the selection of games (arcade ports certainly ent

Good Haul!

A couple of weeks ago was able to buy a bunch of sealed Atari 2600 games locally in Toronto.   All of them in pretty good condition. Most seem to have Zellers price stickers on them as well. Funny, I do remember how the Activision titles were pricier in comparison to the Atari and their own in-house knock-offs. Zellers, Consumers and K-Mart were the main sources of cartridges for me in 89-91.   When I got these at home, I noticed that I had some repeats although none of them were actua
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