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About this blog

This is where I will keep my Atari 7800, Lynx, and Jaguar projects. Be it demos, sprites, or screenshots.


Entries in this blog

Atari Jaguar Font Templates

I thought I would do everyone developing Jaguar Homebrews a favor. Just open these up in Paint.net, Photoshop, Aseprite, Paint Shop Pro, Krita, EDGE, Graphics Gale, etc.; add a couple of layers and create some fonts. f_16x16 Template.pdn f_8x16 Template.pdn f_8x8 Template.pdn

Angel designs for the Demon Lands

Shrapp - Serpentine Dragon angel. Plural: Shrappim Has six wings, front paws have one human face on the back. There is one more located on the top of the head. Color: Glowing electric blue. Name is a play off of Seraph. Kherub - I'm going for a Centaur-inspired design. Has the head of an ox with a human face in-between the eyes. I'm keeping the eight conjoined, eye-covered wings. Plural: Kherubim. Name is a play off of how Cherub was pronounced in Hebrew and Latin. The Islamic Ang


SlidellMan in Homebrew

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