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Jaguar, Lynx, and Arcade Collecting.

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Airship Get!

We find everyone and do some back tracking and boss fighting. Some plot twists again that are interesting.      The prince of the evil empire joins us after being fed up with their killing ways. And we steal an airship he helps us get.     Then it feels like the game opens up way more. Building a base, collecting crew members, ship upgrades, discovery searching. Even some humor and light hearted banter in-between. I'll finish fighting the empire after more

No Treasure

The boss battle took forever. 2 heads that each hit the whole party for 600+ each. Then when one gets low a 1200 hit to the whole party. Ended up Fina doesn't have enough hit points and it was really hard with just 3. I went from over powered on regular fights to woefully terrible at the boss.  The for the treasure. Or lack of. Friends are treasure, blah, blah, blah.   Then the evil empire invades Nasty as we return together. The general is aquainted with Fina apparent

Treasure Island

Vyse is rescued by an air pirate named Gilder who joins the party. He likes treasure and ladies. The pirate girl that saved the girls is infatuated with this Gilder.     So this starts a back and forth of Vyse and the girls narrowly missing each other several times. Made me think of the "missed connections" tab that used to be on Craigslist that was always good for a laugh. Both parties end up with half a map for pirate treasure and it makes for

Stranded Pirates

Some back and forth and a lot of talking. The tribal people had the crystal all along. Interesting plot twist I guess. A big green thing as a boss was cool. And we blast the Valuans who go running back home, opening our way forward.     I venture to the north now in search of the yellow crystal into the evil Valuan empire homeland. We soon come across some comic relief. A black pirate that steals food. Very funny stuff here.     F

Lost City of Rixis

I leveled up so much in the mines the final battle and saving Elton John and the perverted priest was easy. Followed by a lot of talking and then searching for locations in my ship. Finally into the maze filled city ruins, and a boss battle with a giant bird. More level ups and grinding, ultra high encounter rates. It's starting to bore me. The characters have lots of character, and the ship and battles are cool. Just not at this level, I'm pretty high level for here, nothing is difficult just t

Road to Ica Taka

After the desert and stealing the engine from the evil lady, we were off into the storm ocean. It looks like giant tornadoes top to bottom like something out of Star Trek. And it's against the wind and pulls the ship left. I was not impressed, I spent more time here then I want to admit, random encounters every 3 seconds. Finally, following blowing garbage in the wind I make it out.        I spot a town and land in a jungle. Good music here. The towns kinda like a maze,

Skies of Arcadia Adventure Log

After many many years I finally get around to playing this. I held Grandia 2 in such high regard, I played it three times over when the last Dreamcast died finally. And only a meager couple hours of Arcadia.     After 12 or so hours in now I have a good grasp of much of it. The elemental nature of fighting hand to hand is interesting. Coupled with the ship to ship combat that's nail biting fun.        Vyse and Aika are Blue Rogue air pirates. Along with Vyse's dad, the capta
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