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About this blog

This is where I will keep my TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine Projects. The rules are:

1. All homebrew games must support the 2- and 6-button controllers. (The three-button controller's third button is mappable to Select or Up+II.)

2. All homebrew games must support not just the base model, but also the Super Grafx and take advantage of the latter's extra RAM and graphical capabilities.

3. All HuCard/TurboChip games must support the TurboBooster-Plus.

4. All CD-ROM games must support all the system cards/BIOS.

5. All homebrews must also take advantage of the system's capabilities.

6. Yes, all homebrews will have digital releases. Meaning that you can play these on a Turbo Everdrive or an SD System.

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