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About this blog

This is a simple blog for me to record my experiences with Atari (and other) 8-bit computers - sort of an open diary. Responses are welcome, but not expected or required. If you find some amuesment or even useful information, then I have succeeded. But my bar is low - I will be happy to have a place to collect my thoughts and ideas regarding my past and ongoing experiences in the Atari 8-bit world - both real and virtual. If you are reading this, thank you for dropping by.

Entries in this blog

A New Addition...

I recently purchased an Atari 130XE package deal NTSC tested passes PBI salts A8picoCart SIO2PC w/cables and an assembled Fujinet 1.7 Atari 800 800XL 130XE 65XE XEGS on ebay. (Thank you shawnj03 and voidabone) These, combined with my linux based tnfs and 576NUC+ give me my own local Atari network. The A8picoCart give me access to the Mac/65-DDT environment for learning and developing assembly and perhaps Action! as well. Plus, with two networked Ataris I hope to play with the Fujinet's networkin

Voyage to Atari in the 21st Century (Part II: 8-bit Adventures)

When I started graduate school it was the mid-1980s. Though most of my analysis and writing were on an Amdahl mainframe (with the VDU in a closet) I saw an add for a Sinclair ZX81. I managed to put a little of my little away and it became the centerpiece of my bachelor apartment. I got a 32K memorex memory module and a rubber keyboard overlay and started to explore. I came to know about memory maps, screen memory and even a basic complier. And I wrote the first draft of my first published simula


Darken99 in General

Voyage to Atari in the 21st Century (Part I - Toys to Mainframes)

My initial impression of computers formed in the 1960s and early 70s watching Star Trek, as well as reading a bit too much science fiction. Themes that seemed to be pure imagination were rapidly becoming reality. I watched the first lunar landing on our old Black and White TV (sitting a bit too close) and believed that people would be on Mars befpre the end of the century. The first 3/4 of 2001 seemed like a reasonable view of the near future, and HAL was just misunderstood - or a least the vict


Darken99 in General

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