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NeonPeon's (Mark W's) adventures in retro game streaming!

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Let's Play Weird and Obscure Atari 8-Bit Games written in BASIC! (Mark W's Old Games on a Weekday)

I streamed this last Wednesday. BASICally, I explored some ancient, obscure Atari 8-Bit games written in the BASIC language, and a blast doing so!   Since doing that stream, I've been inspired to delve into the source code to one of my favorite BASIC games as a kid - and the first game I played on this stream - 1982's Gambler, published by SoftSide.   I learned of this amazing tool - https://html-preview.github.io/?url=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rossumur/esp_

Atari 7800 Games livestream! Tonight (May 15, 2024) at 8:30pm Eastern Time

I loved the acronym Old GOAT (Old Games on a Thursday) but alas Thursday isn't working for my schedule lately. (Stupid life!) So I've renamed my weekly, old-school gaming stream to Old Games on a Weekday.   With that out of the way, tonight I'm going to play - for the very first time for me personally - Atari 7800 games! Join me for some Atari goodness and chat, and feel free to make requests. I've got a large pile of 7800 games to check out.   @Charlie Cat I believe you sugg

Neo Geo Thread stream!

I'll be doing a stream tonight at about 9:15-9:30 EDT in honor of @Charlie Cat's Neo Geo thread having it's 10th anniversary! I'll just play random Neo Geo games casually. Requests welcome!    


NeonPeon in Old GOAT

Monday MAME stream with freestyle arcade games

A few years ago, my weekly retro gaming stream was called "Monday MAME" in which I played emulated arcade games on my arcade cabinet. Gradually, more and more I pivoted to playing non-arcade games: old consoles and computers, and eventually Mark W Plays Old Games on a Thursday (Old GOAT) was born.   So Monday MAME as a regular weekly stream was retired. But on rare occasion, I revisit Monday MAME, and it feels like a special treat when I do so! So this week I did an old school Monday M


NeonPeon in Old GOAT

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