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About this blog

Maztr_0n/Meryl's Blog of Glob and mess, random thoughts and mindnesssssss madless.

I'm an "Adult"* who played an AtGames flashback at 11 so somehow has nostalgia for Atari enough to actually buy a 2600+ and start collecting games, hence why she's here, on atariage. She's kinda absent minded and wont shut up, so for everyone's sake. She made a blog for those interested in Blogs... Which are the closest demographic to tolerating this, Dont Expect Much... Dont have much to say and aren't willing to spill any HOT GOSS, so ya know, mainly daily annoyances about how "school is boring" and "how hard it is to get a retro game these days" or how "i really need to find newer musical artists that i like, i know todays music is so different from the past that there are hundreds of bands for literally every niche ever, but i'm too lazy to find them" or "the sun sucks" and MORE! Doesn't that just excite you? As long as her birth year of [See Spoiler] doesn't fill you with existential dread or perhaps if it is your thing then, welcome to the Young Folks messhall...



*Old Teenager

all in public to see

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The (Temporary) Atari 2600 Red Label template.

on the forums i made a little page asking about possible templates for the 2600 Red Label, sadly i dont think many were interested in that idea. Or just didnt see it or respond, but i shouldn't be so judgemental. Essentially what i did is take some red labels (from the AtariAge label guide) and put them in GIMP on a 1080P + 360 PPI project, downloaded the fonts stated by ChristopherD on the forums in 2001 to be from the Red Label games and just overlayed the letters over the original cart,

The Exams...

i will likely be free from schooling and then proceed to be tied to office work by the next few weeks in June, hopefully i find a tolerable job to fund my gaming addiction, i'd better be able to settle my ikari cravings...

The Young Person On AI

people keep hyping up AI like its game changing and its like... no... You're telling a computer to do something basically, no different from, like.... Atari games (but nobody in... idk 1988 was making a whole deal over the fact commando has AI on Atari) just you can like, give them hands and a camera to see... Again it will only do what you tell it to do and as far as i can tell from programmers, its a constant battle just to even get it to do that, even if you make an AI to deliberate

(Life as a) Programmers Worst Nightmare

I just realized i epitomize that programmers worst nightmare type without even knowing it, basically i had interest in homebrew so sometimes in homebrew servers i'd just talk about what i think "would be cool to play" or games without source code that i thought would make cool port ideas for each system i was into.... BUT THEN IT DAWNED ON ME, I'M THAT PERSON!!!! ya know the one who goes oh hey you a programmer? well i have a GREAT APP IDEA FOR YOU.... but for consoles that i oddl

I'm Sorry, Rambo Commando...

I was watching an unbelievable 2600 auction, SEALED IKARI WARRIORS FOR ATARI 2600! Aka IKARI-ATARI, now i do have Commando 2600 and basically both are essentially the exact same except in ikari you can ride the tank and it looks slightly better but Angry Video Game Nerd's old Couch Guy has serenaded me into wanting any version, and dont forget that first link from earlier! btw quick fun fact you can actually STREAM an official version of that song, but its less about Ikari Warriors here... ANYWA

I figured i'd get to this - Blogging

Pffft, i always knew i was gonna do a blog. Theres enough writing skill in me to warrant spewing random stuff in public, but not enough to actually get a publisher to rightfully care enough about it, so welcome. Fellow Atariage lurkers, to that random chick's bitchin' mess hall!
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