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pining for CableCard



It's too bad that CableCard never replaced set top boxes. I just hung a TV on the wall (32" which I can see while I do dishes) and now I need to figure out how to mount the cableco STB if I want to watch something more than basic cable.


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If your interested in DVR I would suggest picking up a Tivo Premiere 4, Tivo has a box coming out soon about the size of a Roku that will stream one of the 4 tuners in the Premier 4 to another TV over your wifi network, plus access all your recorded content as well. Im beta testing now and its works well and cuts down on the clutter for wall mounted tv's.


Not sure when its going to be released but my Tivo + Cable card rental is cheaper than a DVR STB from Timewarner

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Unfortunately I'm north of the border so the FCC's CableCard requirements don't exist and my cableco doesn't support CableCard. I used to have a couple of TiVos (S2DT & S1), but my cableco is aggressively transitioning even analog SD channels to digital only. So I've picked up a couple of used cableco HD PVRs. They don't have TiVo wishlists, but they otherwise satisfy my needs.


But whether it's a TiVo or another cableco PVR, it's another box which has to be dealt with. When CableCard first came out, there were TVs with CableCard slots. I don't think any new TVs have that option.

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