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Dreams in game design.



I just had a dream about a game.


See, in order to impress a love interest our hero has to guide a stray cat to a food bowl. The hero must traverse an obstacle and puzzle filled isometric level. The cat must be allowed to follow the player. If the player steps on a pressure plate the kitties AI knows enough to move to the appropriate panel or activate a lever. The player must at times lure the cat away from dangers including rolling boulders. Graphics were failrly high res X68000-like.


Does anyone else dream new game designs? I hear some people rarely have dreams where they are not themselves or doing much more than daily life events.

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I've had many dreams over the years where I've found new Atari 2600 games that I've never seen in real life. They had detailed box art, screenshots, and descriptions, but every time I wake up I can't remember the details.


I've also had a bunch of weird dreams that turned out to be similar to various modern console games. I was actually in them, so it didn't occur to me that they were games.


I have different types of dreams and they are all in first-person. Here are some of the types of dreams that I can remember right now:

  • Mundane dreams.
  • Mundane mixed with cool stuff. For example, a mall had a house in the middle of it and the family I was part of in the dream was able to rent it. (I usually don't know who I will be related to in my dreams.)
  • Movie-like dreams that are exciting and have a beginning, middle and ending.
  • Exploration dreams where I'm in a city I've never been in or I'm in an old mansion, etc.
  • Futuristic dreams where I'm in an underground city or some other cool place.
  • Long before I watched movies like Saw I've been in what I guess were big warehouses where somebody set up a more fun, less violent, less murdery series of trials where you had to run/crawl/climb through long rooms filled with odd things. It kind of reminds me of the TV show Estate of Panic, except you're just trying to make it to the next room and eventually the exit. There were various types of rooms over the years and some rooms were more dangerous than others. One room stands out in my mind because it had raised smooth areas that were around 5 feet tall, like a large version of miniature golf, but the pillowy padded floor was moving over everything like a conveyor belt.
  • Dreams where I'm seeing through the eyes of somebody else and I know it's not me.


That's all I can remember right now, but I know I'm leaving out a bunch of other stuff.

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