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Firmware Vx.20



Hello all,


after more than 3 years a new Firmware is ready for download.


What is new? Now it is possible to use a *.o-file without making a *.lnx-file.

Please note: it is only possible to use single *.o-files.


Please use "Firmware V120 20130313 Language V130.fcb1" for Board 1 FlashCard.

(PCB V1.271/1.276/1.280/1.3a4/1.3d4)


Please use "Firmware V620 20130313 Language V630.fcb6" for Board 6 FlashCard.

(PCB V1.913/1.923)


The FlashCard only accept a Firmware file which work with the FlashCard.

For details please read the manual!


Kind Regards




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That is nice!! Would be interested in a Mac loader at some point, but I have one of the boards you made and greatly enjoy it.

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Sorry, i don´t use Mac. I have no plan for any loader (MAC/Win/Linux/etc). No time to do. Please note i needed 3 years to implement a new function to the Firmware.


If someone will do it, i will support with a concept. Any loader should cover all FlashCard variants and Firmware versions.

As the Lynx FlashCard is a development tool the loader should cover some function interesting for coder. Not only loading games.

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