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Insomnia ensues III! Coding Atari 2600 games 'till dawn!



Had a nap. Had a full meal. Getting stoked on Mt. Dew. Have http://coffitivity.com/ playing in the background. Time to code for extended and unreasonable durations!


10:00pm 'till now:


Getting bogged down trying to figure out the smartest way to block the player from leaving the 5x5 screen overworld. Hopefully by the end of the next hour I can solve that. Must turn on more lights so my brain doesn't start thinking of nap time..


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Yay! Got the bounds checking to work! The player can now meander through the 5x5 screen overworld and NOT go outside those bounds. No collision checking with the playfield.. yet. Should I start working on that instead of making more pretty backgrounds? May as well continue working on the tough, boring stuff first.. ack!

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Got another 42oz of diet cola fixed up. Gnawing on a package of soy bacon.


Got collision with the playfield sorted out. Now I'm trying to figure out how to deal with streets in the game. Got out a pen and paper to draw how the overworld streets are connected. I could try to re-use some screens or be lazy.


I kinda gave up on using constants for TRUE and FALSE as batari BASIC sucks at using them with defined variables.

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Heading into the danger zone. I should really wuss out at this point. I corrected an error where I set the overworld boundaries to 5x4 instead of 5x5. Got the player to animate only when the joystick is being pressed. Overall a good run, methinks.

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I miss the time I had insomnia, that was great for coding stuff. Now I have bad sleeps, awake tired and nothing coded yesterday.

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