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Xbox One & used games



It appears to me that MS going with the all-digital-download model for Xbox One games. Even if you buy the physical disc, the Xbox One treats it like a digital download - just copying the game from the disc rather than downloading over the network. No, MS hasn't said this explicitly but I think it's the best explanation for what they have said (in public statements and in leaked private statements).


Of course, everyone wants to know how this model will effect certain properties typical to the physical model, i.e. the ability to borrow, lend, rent, sell, trade & buy used. Traditional digital download models, i.e. iTunes & Steam, simply discard these properties. eBooks can be borrowed from libraries, but that is a intentional extra feature and not something which is inherent & implicit to eBooks. The question is whether MS will provide similar features for Xbox One games, and how those features will be implemented.


On the subject of used games, I often see the statement that game buyers consider the resale value as part of the price of a game. (i.e. a game may be $60 on the shelf, but it's really only $40 because it is worth $20 in GameStop credit.) While this may be true for people who buy games frequently, it's not true for me. I have less time than money, so I tend to buy infrequently. I also don't tend to sell my games after I have finished them.


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I've bought a few used games over the years, but generally I just wait for the price to drop and buy them new out of the "Greatest Hits" discount bins. I don't think I've ever sold any of my old games. I may have given a few away though to friends or family.

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If this is true, it means two things for me:

1) I will never buy a single game for the Xbox One.

2) It adds an extra fortified wall around my already solidified decision to not enter the next gen market.


Whatever happens, it's irrelevant to me, but I still hate to see MS make such a stupid business decision. They've made so much progress in market share with the 360.

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It will be interesting to see how sales of this next generation play out. However, I suspect that while people may scream "never, ever" now, they will still buy 'em for Christmas. Because, in the end, used games aren't as important as playing the games. I have to assume that MS has run all of the numbers and it it's a good business decision in their eyes.


Personally, I will buy both used (not Gamestop, 'cause GS prices are close enough to new that I might as well buy new) and new. However, I will not buy a console on first release. There has to be several "must have" games.


I bought the N64 when it first came out to play SM64, and then had to wait forever for the next "must have" game. I didn't buy a GameCube until much later, and might have even bought the console used. My son bought the Wii, so that doesn't count. Even the PS3 wasn't bought until the slim came out. I don't have a WiiU (yet) and will wait & see on the Xbone & PS4.

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