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I'm Getting Really Tired of Working on My Web Site

Random Terrain


Seems like links and YouTube videos go dead faster than you can blink. You have to check videos by hand and links by hand too since link checkers suck at telling you when a link redirects to a new page.


Then there's the Google problem. Google tells web site owners to be natural and that you shouldn't make your pages for them, but then they contradict themselves and say that you have to keep track of every word on a page and not repeat the same word more than a few times if you don't want Google to punish you. And you better not have too many links on a page, whatever too many is, or they'll punish you for that too. Speaking of links, Google considers web sites that are about controversial things to be "bad neighborhoods," so if you add any links that don't point to middle of the road, mainstream web sites, you get punished. But don't remove all links to other web site or Google will punish you for that. Google punishment usually involves lowering of PageRank and lowering of your position in their search results.


I'm getting really tired of working on my web site and being expected to make my pages specifically for Google instead of being natural. I'm seriously thinking about deleting my web site. I'm losing interest in it.


On top of that, trying to make programs has always been hard, but it seems like it's getting harder. Why stay in a constantly frustrated state when I don't have to? Millions of people just play games, they don't try to make them. Why do I have to be any different? If I decide to delete my web site, maybe somebody can take over the batari Basic page, the Visual batari Basic page, and the TIA Color Charts and Tools page.




Random Terrain



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No longer having your website would definitely leave a hole, as it is a great resource. But I can understand your feelings and frustrations. Life is short. Go with what makes you happy.

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I wouldn't bother trying to optimize your website for Google PageRank unless you're trying to push traffic in order to make $$. And even then, you should be able to determine whether the time & effort is worth the increased revenue.


Rather than delete it, make it as static as possible so you're not having to actively manage it. Links come and go, this has long been the curse of the WWW - so don't worry about it. But as Gorfy says, your page is a great resource and it would be a shame if it disappeared entirely.

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My sister said today that she doesn't want me to delete it. I'm still thinking about getting rid of most of the videos and offsite links. I'll put a question on my main page about the videos and see if anyone answers.

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When I created this blog entry, I was in the middle of a pretty bad allergy attack, so that probably affected my mood. I'm almost done coughing up green crud, so working on my web site doesn't seem to be as bad now.

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