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Xbox One versus Playstation 4 launch titles



Assuming MS can bring down the price of the Xbox One to match the PS4 (likely by not including the Kinect as dropping the HMDI IN port & functionality would require new hardware - maybe for the slim version), gamers will be picking consoles this November/December based on brand loyalty and exclusive launch titles. (I expect there will be very little difference between consoles for non-exclusive titles.)


the Xbox One has the following exclusive games confirmed for 2013:


Dead Rising 3 - a sequel to Dead Rising which sold 1.7M copies and Dead Rising 2 which sold 1M copies

Forza Motorsport 5 - a sequal to Forza 3 (2M) and Forza 4(1M)

and Ryse: Son of Rome - a hash & slash action-adventure by Crytek


and the Playstation 4 has the following exclusive games confirmed for 2013:


Driveclub - a street racing game by the creators of MotorStorm (3.31M), MotorStorm: Pacific Rift (1M)

Killzone: Shadow Fall - a sequal to Killzone 2 (2M) and Killzone 3 (<1M)

a sequel to Super Stardust (~400K)

and Knack - an action-adventure / platform game directed by Mark Cerny


IMHO the winner so far is the Xbox One as Forza 5 could be considered a "system seller". Also Ryse, with it's blood & violence gameplay, probably will appeal more to the hard-core early adopter than the cartoony Knack.


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I just wonder how many bridges MS burned with their little DRM stunt. I suspect that will have turned off a lot of gamers from buying the XBone. It would be interesting to know the percentage of console buyers who are mostly interested in mainstream titles that will be available for both systems, vs. gamers who buy a system because of a handful of exclusive titles.

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I'm usually a rather late adopter, so while watching the spectacle of a console war with popcorn in hands, my own money isn't influencing it. My main console currently is still the PS3 where I'm almost done with 2010 titles these days. I may get a 3DS in a month or two, that'd be the newest toy in our house then ;)

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