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Here I blog again?



Hi there!


Just figured that it's been over two years since I wrote my last proper entry here. I wonder if I should possibly blog some more about my Capcom-Mania here. As you may know from some of my posts in classic/modern gaming, I'm trying to 100% complete every European released Capcom game in existance, more or less in chronological order. Right now I'm playing "X-Men - Children of the Atom" on the Playstation, which is the #63 Capcom game I'm playing in this 'mission'. Out of the previous 62 I managed to complete 61, as I gave up on 100% completing Mega Man Powered Up after three months. I'm close on giving up on X-Men CotA as well, I'm playing it since mid-february :o


The other 61 I finished completely - all endings, all characters, all unlockables, all trophies, all achievements. What follows is the list of games I'm already done with. Please let me know if you would be interested in reading articles about the games I'm struggling with. The Deadline for CotA is june, so I could start with the first entry on july 1st with D&D - Tower of Doom for the PS3 :)


The list so far:


Commando WII

Ghosts'n Goblins WII

1942 WII

Exed Exes WII

Son Son WII

Vulgus PS2

Pirate Ship Higemaru PS2

Trojan NES

Gun.Smoke PS2

Section-Z PS2


Avengers PS2

The Speed Rumbler PS2

Side Arms Hyper Dyne PS2

1943 Kai PS2

Street Fighter PS2

-Mega Man Powered Up PSP

Bionic Commando PS2

Legendary Wings PS2

Bionic Commando Rearmed PS3

Mega Man 2 NES


Last Duel PS2

Duck Tales NES

Strider PSX

Ghouls 'N Ghosts PS2

Forgotten Worlds PS2

Tiger Road PS2

Black Tiger WII

Gargoyle's Quest GB

Chip 'N Dale NES

Little Nemo NES


Mega Man 3 NES

Final Fight 360

Mercs PS2

Mega Twins PS2

Block Block PS2

Three Wonders PS2

The Little Mermaid GB

1941: Counter Attack PS2

Super Ghouls'n Ghosts SNES

TaleSpin GB


Mega Man 4 NES

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? GB

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix 360

Magic Sword 360

Darkwing Duck NES

Magical Quest Mickey Mouse SNES

Mega Man 5 WII

Mickey's Dangerous Chase GB

Quiz & Dragons PS2

Varth PS2


Eco Fighters PS2

Aladdin SNES

Breath of Fire GBA

Final Fight 2 WII

Goof Troop SNES

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X PSP

The Great Circus Mystery SNES

Knights of the Round PS2

The King of Dragons PS2

Breath of Fire II GBA


Mega Man X2 WII

Captain Commando PS2





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It's actually been a lot more fun than it sounds, Capcom were brilliant game designers, at least in their first decade on the market :)


BTW: Since my firstborn is in school already, I recently asked my wife if it would make sense to start game programming again. She answered I should ask again in another 6 years... :lolblue:

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Personally, I'd be impressed with just playing 60+ games to completion, much less 100%-ing them.


It's kind of forcing myself to artificially play games like I did as a child. Back then I got only 1-2 new games per quarter, so I knew all of them inside out, every trick every secret, everything. Todays games often are much more like fast-food snacks compared to a childhood summer spent with a Zelda game. And I really learn to appreciate some games like e.g. Mega Man or Street Fighter II, which I never had much interest in ever before.


I'm actually even reading the manuals :lolblue:

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