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Just got MORE awesomeness!



Back on Thursday afternoon I finally got a Wii! Someone was selling it for a pretty cheap price. It came with the Wii (of course!), three games (Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Super Sluggers, and Wii sports Resort), two Wii remotes, 2 nunchucks for the controllers, 3 controller jackets (one was bigger to fit the Wii Motion Plus), the Wii Motion Plus, and two Wii controller skins (one was translucent white and the other was translucent black). Today I also bought 2 more games. They were LEGO Pirates Of The Carribean and LEGO Lord Of The Rings. On Friday evening I got it on my Internet connection. I got the Youtube and Internet channels with that. I soon got the Flux.Void off of the Wii Shop channel. I've been playing WAY WAY to much since I got it. That's all I got to say to you people. See ya in my next blog entry!


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Is it one of the earlier models which can be easily hacked? See wiibrew.org for details.


Yeah its the original model that can be easily modded but they have system updates when you get certain games for the first time and the updates check for mods and if there are mods the mods will be wiped off of the Wii.

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