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Apple TV - the next console or a lost opportunity



I was recently looking at the Apple TV as a way to cheaply provide AirPlay in a second location and I wondered if there were games for it. Surprisingly there aren't any.


Sure there are rumors, suggestions, hopes & fears there may be in the future. But right now the Apple TV is simply a media extender - great for watching streamed movies, TV & music or duplicating your iPhone / iPod / iPad display. But there are no native apps - other than those developed in partnership with Apple.


And that's kinda strange to me. Sure it's somewhat underpowered (similar to an iPhone 4), but that's seldom stopped developers in the past. It has Bluetooth, so it's just software to add a controller or two. The storage might be a little tight, but it's a streaming device so you can assume it's connected to the network.


But maybe Apple has missed their window of opportunity. Somewhere in the transition version 1 (Mac like) to version 2 (iPod like) they forgot to take a step back and review their assumptions. So now with similar low priced micro-consoles like OYUA they will have competition and the limitations of the Apple TV become much bigger.


Then again, I always wondered why Microsoft didn't create a version of Office (or even Works) for the original Xbox. Then they really could have taken over the living room.


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This (or similar) would make for a nice game controller for it. Some iOS games already work well with the Apple TV as a second (or sometimes primary) screen. I think that is the way Apple will go - with the Apple TV as a gaming companion to iOS devices, not as the principle console.


I also think that if standardized controller add-ons (like the one linked above) take off, it will effectively spell the end of the Vita, 3DS and other dedicated handhelds.

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