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Star Wars - The Force Unleashed



In summary, the demo is better than the game.


Many moons ago I downloaded the free demo for my PS3. I played through that demo numerous times, searching for secrets, discovering combos, and finding new ways to wipe out hapless stormtroopers and rebel scum in efforts to achieve the frenzy bonus. So when I saw a kid selling it at a garage sale, I scooped it up (along with Prince of Persia). Now that I'm playing the actual game, I'm pining for the demo.


The one thing which is keeping me playing is the story. I want to find out what happens to Starkiller and whether he decides to be more than Vader's puppet. But there are many other things I dislike about the game.


The first thing I dislike is in the demo you have access to most / all of the force powers & combos while in the game you only gain them as you advance through the story. So while the demo is basically the first half of the second level of the game, while you're playing the level in the game you can't do cool things like throw your lightsaber or fry someone with lightning.


The second thing I dislike is after you gain those force powers some enemies gain immunities to them. So some stormtroopers can't be picked up using the force while others shrug off lightning attacks. So rather than having fun creatively killing them with combos, I find myself wading into the melee swinging my lightsaber 'cause that seems to always work (so far).


The third thing I dislike is the game likes to try to overwhelm you with large numbers of lesser enemies, even when you're faced with a minor or major boss. So while you're trying to eliminate one opponent, there are others taking you down (often from long range). And because they are immune to force grip, I can't even throw them into each other. (Not that it's easy to aim those throws.) Starkiller is fearsome at short and medium ranges, but long range needs throwable objects. And the level design often means there aren't any objects you can throw either. (The grab also really needs a "next object" mechanic.) Plus I'm playing this game at only the second difficulty level - I'd hate to play it any higher.


Finally, there are the typical complaints with this type of game, i.e. "what do I need to do to open this door?", "how do I defeat this boss?", "#%@ third person camera".


Oh, one quirk I found. In the game you can find crystals for your lightsaber (to simply change color, or add powers) and costumes to wear. But when the game goes into a pre-rendered scene you're shown with the default costume and lightsaber color!


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I haven't played a Star Wars game since... uh... (looking it up) Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast on my old Mac.


I think I played most of the way through it, but I don't recall. The last one I played all the way through was probably Dark Forces.


I have a couple of Star Wars games for the PSP, but never played them much. Don't even remember what they are. The controls were just terrible.


I do have Knights of the Old Republic on my iPad, but only because they had it on sale. And I haven't played that either.


I like Star Wars, it's just the games I've seen from them lately are more of a chore to get into than I want to invest the time in. I just want to play - not learn convoluted controls and inventory management and all that stuff.

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SW:KotOR is a decent adventure game (I played & finished the PC version). Unfortunately, to unlock some of the best stuff you have to play through multiple times in a very purposed fashion.

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