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Secret Area in Iron Brigade - Survival: Settlement

Random Terrain


Is this considered a glitch, a secret area, or a hidden area? Whatever it's called, the video below that I made last night using a crappy video capture card shows how you can get up on the hill that surrounds a lot of the playfield in the Survival: Settlement mission on Mars. I get up on the hill multiple times in this video to show that it can be done any time you want.


Once you are up on the hill, if you walk away from the playfield, drop off the ledge, then walk far enough, you will teleport back into the playfield. And if you walk all the way around on the hill, past all three cannon pieces, you will eventually teleport back down into the playfield.





WARNING: If you walk behind the third cannon piece and decide to walk down towards it among the giant mushrooms, you might get stuck at the bottom of the hill as if someone tied an invisible rope to your trench. It happened to me and I couldn't figure out a way to get unstuck. The same thing happened when I went down to the area beyond the cannon piece along the long walkway. Choose a safer area if you want to get down or just go far enough on the hill so you'll teleport back down.



Here's another video I made in case anyone is interested:





Random Terrain



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