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Games of Atari - Recommend me some NES and Genesis prototypes and homebrews!



Who knew Retrogate was based out of Ukraine?


Okay, anybody who actually bothers to read the fine print, particularly the terms and conditions, can see where they operate, but then there's people like me, who shop for Everdrive cartridges, find them sold out at more local places, discover Retrograte and immediately click the "buy" button. Then, a couple of weeks later, a package shows up with Ukranian postage and an unpronounceable return address. Of course, it's only unpronounceable to an uncultured monolingual mind like mine. Truth is, Retrogate is a nice shop with nice prices, and thanks to them I am now the proud owner of an Everdrive N8 for the NES and a Mega Everdrive for the Genesis.


So now I'm looking for games to put on these cartridges, particularly games I can write about for the Games of Atari website. I am aware of the prototype for NES Hard Drivin' and the homebrew for Genesis Berzerk. That's about the extent of my knowledge, though, since I don't really follow the Sega or Nintendo scenes as closely as I do Atari. Suggestions welcome and appreciated!

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I don't know much about NES and Genesis prototypes and homebrews as well, but I do know about one amazing NES homebrew that is currently a WIP. It's called Super Bat Puncher, and even though it's currently a demo, it's a very well done platformer. Here is a link to the website and the ROM: morphcat.de/superbatpuncher

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