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My Daughter was 10 Days Late to Her Own Party, But I'm Finally a Daddy!



[#015] She had a due date of November 1st, but she didn't want to come out. The doctor told my wife they would schedule the induction a week later on the night of the 8th, but they were "all booked up", whatever the hell that means. so we went in to the hospital Sunday night instead and the induction process started around 4am. Baby M was head down but was face first, so my wife had the unfortunate news of a mandatory C section. She then requested drugs (and also developed a rash from the surgical tape of the epidural, which I am still not exactly sure what that is).


On Monday November 11th, Madeleine Rita was born at 11:42am weighing 8 lb 12.4 oz at 21" long.




I have a total of 3 weeks off from work to help Maddy's mom out. We have a follow up appointment on Monday for weight check and whatever else they check for. I go back to work the first week of December. Once Maddy gets on a schedule, I have a few games I need to finish playing (and coding)!




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An epidural is a pain-killer injected into the spinal cord. It's a fairly common pain management technique for childbirth.


My 3 pieces of advice for a new father:

1. If possible, mommy sleeps when baby sleeps and mommy only worries about baby. You don't have the equipment for 3 AM breast feedings, but you can do the housework :-) (and maybe change a diaper or two).

2. If you haven't already, don't spend any more than necessary on baby. They will grow out of anything you buy faster than you can imagine and they don't care what brand of sleeper they are wearing or how ornate the crib is.

3. Look into cotton diapers. I used a flat-rate diaper service for the first year-ish. No extra charges for each soiled diaper. They'd pick up the dirties every week and leave clean ones. Because cotton isn't as absorbent as Pampers, you change more often (thus the flat rate) and avoid diaper rash. You'll still want Pampers for when Mommy & baby go to the mall (plus a few in the diaper bag).

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