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Apple TV 4 games?





Reading the article this morning I had the question - could an Kinect device make it possible to play touchscreen style games on your home TV?


The problem is the two aren't equivalent. A touchscreen gives visual position feedback and an actual touch input. While a Kinect is a "zero button mouse". The list of existing Kinect games doesn't include ports of most popular touchscreen games like Fruit Ninja and Cut The Rope.


That's not to say it couldn't be done, but it would take a significant amount of development. Apple would need to also provide a default control system for unmodified iPad games. Maybe a "ghost image" of the player's hands (representing two fingers) and some way to change from "not-pressed" to "pressed". (Open versus closed hand maybe?)


In other Apple news, a Belgian computer store put up (and then took down) a page which suggested an update to the Mac Mini will be coming in February. I hope so, I just got (for $100 +$50 shipping +$25 duty) a Mac version of the classic IBM buckling spring keyboard. http://pckeyboard.com/page/category/SpacesaverM



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I'd be interested in that. Not sure if I could make it work with my current TV though. I have an HDMI to Component adapter with 2 inputs, but based on what happened with my mini I'm sure the Apple TV would default to 1080P which my TV doesn't support. For the mini I used Screen Sharing from my MacBook Pro to change the mini to output 1080i. Don't think that'd be possible with the AppleTV.


I've been drooling over the new Mac Pro, but decided I don't really need that much computer. If the new mini supports 4K TVs I'll possibly get one with the plan to eventually make it my DVR system hooked up to a 4K TV. One issue is the Mac Pro's HDMI is v1.4 which only supports 30Hz on 4K displays. I'd want that to be HDMI v2.0 for 60Hz updates.


If the mini's HDMI isn't 2.0 then I'll most likely get an SDD for my MacBook Pro to tide me over.

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I can see a game-capable Apple TV happening. If they put the same A7 chip in it as their current-gen iPads, and make it so it can run existing games from the app store (using an iPhone or iPad as a controller), it would make for a nifty, dirt-cheap game console. Just throw enough memory in it so it will load the game you currently want to play from your computer, iPad or iCloud.

Mirroring from an iDevice right now doesn't quite work because of the lag (even their HDMI adapters are just converting AirPlay to HDMI), so you really can't play iGames on your HDTV. This would be a cost-effective way to do it, and no adapters or wires. Keep the price at $99, and they'd have a winner. Not something to compete with PS4 or XBone, but just a nice extra for those already entrenched in the iEcosystem.

I'd buy one.

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