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January Savings



January saw my largest outlay, $72, for content since canceling DirecTV. I purchased Archer, Season 5 and King of the Nerds, Season 2 from iTunes. I also picked up Breaking Bad season 4* when I saw the blu-ray collection on sale at Best Buy when I was there picking up a friend's birthday gift.


I know DirecTV would increase the bill every so often, so I checked iBank to see what I paid (at the end of December) for January's service of each year:

  • $130.65 for 2010
  • $134.90 for 2011
  • $139.15 for 2012
  • $145.53 for 2013

I don't know what the bill would really be at this year, but if I use the average increase of 3.66% I get $150.86. So I'll use $151 for what I would have paid DirecTV for each month in 2014 (and $156.39, rounded to $156, for 2015).


Using $151 makes my January savings $79, putting the cumulative savings at $1490. The balance on the DVR setup is now $1457, so I'm past the halfway point! (If I hadn't bought the Drobo, the DVR setup would now be paid for).



* those keeping track might recall I picked up season 1 in October and may be wondering why I skipped seasons 2 & 3 - I received them as Christmas gifts. I'm not ready to watch season 4 yet, but the sales price made it worth picking up a month or two early.




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