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7800basic update #1. beans spilled, peek sneaked



For a few months now I've been toiling behind the scenes on a port of batari basic for the 7800. Today I'm going public and showing off a little bit of what I've accomplished. Since a picture is worth a thousand words...







...the source code for that quick and dirty demo is decidedly not a thousand words. It's 68 lines of pure 7800basic code, and 12 of those are simple commands to import png images.


There are already a bunch of useful features...

  • import of png graphics to any one of the 7800's mode formats, with the ability to reorder color indexes during the import.
  • plot sprites, values, and characters/tiles.
  • simple joystick polling, for both one and two button joysticks.
  • 32k and 48k formats are currently available. SuperGame formats to come.
  • switch between 7800's various display modes.
  • pick from a zone height of 8 or 16.

...in addition to all of the great features that 7800basic receives from its batari Basic heritage. A special thanks goes to batari, who gave his approval and encouragement for using the excellent bB code base.


There are still features to add, testing to do, and docs to write before 7800basic is ready for public beta, but it's in the home stretch now.


[edit]update #2 posted.

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This is way cool, dude! Maybe even I can do something on the 7800 now!


The demo you made works on the real system too!

Yup. Just tried it on my CC2. Looks great.



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One thing I'm excited about is having enough memory for a collision map. I could see DIM'ing an array to represent the solid and breakable bricks in a Solomon's Key clone..

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