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Diamond GOS Manuals



I finally thought to ask myself what I would think of Diamond GOS, if I had found the cartridge in the bottom of a box at the local flea market. I would consider Diamond useless, if it was just the cartridge. Would I even know that the cursor keys will move the mouse pointer and the space bar the button?


Much of what makes Diamond useful is the utility disk containing the mouse and memory drivers. Also the program to help set it all up is a great asset. But even more then that the manuals are quite handy.


I have attached the latest User Manual and Develop Manual for those that would like to read them. The Manuals came with the Version 3.0 update. Those with Version 2.0 will find them useful.

Diamond GOS User Manual.pdf

Diamond Develop User Manual.pdf

 - I just learned to never use a red highlighter, if you're going to digitize a document. The blocked out area on the user manual cover has REEVEsoft under it. On page 16 , "To do so you must hold down the mouse button inside the edit window and drag it to form a box around the region that you wish to cut or copy." - -


There may be disk images of the utility and develop disk somewhere. My simple searches of the internet did not locate them.




Else where, within this form, it was written that all things from REEVEsoft dealing with Diamond can be freely distributed. I will remove this post when I am notified that I am in error.




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