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Watts Up (with or without Diamond)



I didn't have a watt meter the first time I heard that the power cubes draw power even when the computer is turned off. After all how much could it be? The electric company will tell you that its not that much.


I got a “KILL A WATT” meter for Christmas a few years back. By the time I was done playing with it I could tell you how many extra watts were used to burn my toast in the morning. We were able to change some habits and reduce our electric usage. And I learned that not everyone appreciates knowing how much energy gets wasted burning my toast. (I am reminded of this every morning while I make my toast.)


Now that I am plugging in the Atari equipment, it occurred to me to estimate the extra energy usage. I read the watt meter while the power switch was off, while the equipment was on but idle and when it was actively trying to accomplish something. These are my findings:



Watt Readings for Equipment.


130XE 2.4 14.2 14.2

1050 Drive 1.8 13.9 34.8

1050 Drive 1.8 13.9 34.8

410 Recorder 0.1 2.0 ?

850 Interface 2.0 6.8 ?

Sound Amp 0.5 0.9 1.0

36” LCD TV - 90.3 90.3


Total 8.6w


I don't mind paying for the electricity if I get some value out of it but to pay for it while the equipment is turned off just seems like such a waste. Turning off the power strip when I am not running the computer should solve that problem.


Now I have to figure out how to spend the $192.24 I saved over the last 15 years; by not having the equipment plugged in waiting to be used.

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