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Robot and Tank animation




  • Robot and Tank animation sequences are in place
  • Robot and Tank "cool down" logic implemented, should prevent "rapid fire"


  • RESET = start game
  • SELECT = return to menu
  • Left Difficulty, Frenzy Special Room Test1: B = Off, A = On
  • Right Difficulty, Stress Test Mode2: B = Off, A = On

1Frenzy Special Room Test will always put a special object in the room. Currently only Big Otto does anything, and it's the same experimental code as before.

2Stress Test Mode is infinite lives and max robots. Score will be red when active.


Note: I'm seeing screen rolls right away in the Frenzy variation, but haven't had time to look into it so I'm not posting this build in the Homebrew Forum topic.













Edit: added a Fat Shot test








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Don't know if it's a bug, but I can't to destroy enemies projectiles, shooting in diagonal.

That is, diagonal shoots aren't reading collision against others projectiles.

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Just tried, was able to shoot diagonally and take out a horizontal and a vertical robot shot.


Diagonal shots are the smallest, so getting diagonal to line up with diagonal is difficult to accomplish. I'll take another look later on this week.

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During lunch I set VBOS_TIME_LEFT = 1 (it used to be called OPTIMIZE) and saw that Vertical Blank had run out of processing time while Overscan had plenty of extra time.


So I shifted a few routines from VB to OS, turned on Stress Test Mode and played up to level 18 without seeing any screen jitter or rolls. Didn't have time to play beyond that, but that's good enough for now. I'm going to do some work on the special Room routines after work, then post new builds later tonight.

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I think a single scanline resolution for missiles never worked well for me, see Atlantis.

How about 2 scanline resolution for them? And 1 color clock wide, a square, like in Combat...

Would be easier to destroy enemies projectiles.

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While play testing tonight I took out a diagonal shot so it can be done.


I don't see the point of the game as being "shoot the other shots", so I don't see that it being a difficult thing to accomplish as something that needs to be fixed. I'll think on it, but don't see it happening.


Unless I'm mistaken, the homing missile is currently the size you're suggesting for diagonal shots. Speaking of which, I find those to be very dastardly and am thinking of changing them to move at half the speed of the regular robot shots.

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I went ahead and created a "Fat Shot" test as it was simple to do. ROM's been added to the blog post.


I'm not keen on the results - though I could see doing it for just the diagonal shots.

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Sorry to go off on an uneducated tangent. With flicker.. would making a always on-screen sprite half as bright make it look like a twice as bright flickered sprite? Given the flickering was every other frame.

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I use LumaBoost logic in Stay Frosty 2 based on a suggestion from Thomas Jentzsch. It basically increased the color value by 2 (which increases luma by 1) for any object that's flickering. It worked well and I plan to add it here, just haven't gotten around to it yet.


Hmm, looks like I forgot to add it to todo.txt (found in the source archive). Its been added.

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