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February Savings



No new content was purchased in February, so my $151 savings for the month leads to $1641 in cumulative savings. $1306 left to pay off the DVR setup (mini, Drobo, antenna, etc).


Sad news - the free content from SyFy appears to be going away. I'd started watch the new series Helix (I get an Aperture Science vibe from the show) and the episodes disappeared so I clicked Full Episodes and they want to verify your provider. Direct links to Being Human and Face Off still work, and are still be updated (episode 3 for each wasn't there last time I looked), but who knows for how long that will last.


Being Human's been cancelled, so if they end up locking it down I'll just wait for the current season to join the prior seasons as part of Amazon Prime. Oooh, the original BBC version's part of Prime as well. I haven't seen their final season yet, it was broadcast after I'd cancelled DirecTV. It's been long enough that I think I'll rewatch the show from beginning before watching season 5. Only 6-8 episodes per season, so it shouldn't take long.


I've started adding additional re-run series to the record list that I don't plan to start watching until episode 1 shows up. I suspect I'll be getting another drive for the Drobo in the next few months. Wonder if the 5TB drives that were rumored for late-2013 will be out by then.


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