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Been a while....

Space Centurion


Well, times has a way of slipping by sometimes. Been about a year since I had a new entry here, and in that time I had family move in and out, added a daughter to the collection of kids (up to three now), so things have been busy. I have done some work with my TI99, but I'll post that in my TI99 blog.


I just bought a dead TI99 4a beige model in immaculate condition with box and manuals, which I hope to fix. At the same time (and from the same guy) I bought a Timex Sinclair 1000 in a box. I have always wanted one to own, not so much to use. No idea if it works, something else to add to my list of things to test. The other reason why I bought this is because it has a Consumers Distributing sticker on it. Up here in Canada, we had a catalog retail chain called Consumers Distributing, which was around from the early 70's to 1996. I worked there from 89-96. Although the Timex Sinclair was discontinued long before I worked there, I do remember looking at it in the catalogs, and the sticker brings back memories of working there. If anyone else worked there, it is item 187807, shelf code EE (meaning it was in the Vault as they called it, a locked up storage area where only certain people had the key), and this one is from store 020. Ahh, the memories.....


Last fall I bought an Atari 1040st package. I already had one, but this one came with the ICD FA-ST scsi hard drive (which internally has the AdScsi Plus card), both monitors and the switch for them. I'll start a blog for it soon.


Over the winter I bought some more TI99 stuff, mainly a lot of games, a Navarone cartridge expander, and best of all a Foundation 128K memory card, which, is misleading in title. I thought it was one block of 128k, turns out it is four blocks of 32k. There are only a few programs that will take advantage of this, one of them is rapidcopy, which was included with it. Still have to test everything though.


Well, that's it for now. I hope to post more often!


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