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Whats the difference between a heavy sixer and 6 switch woody?



Ok... so here is the deal. I am certain that most of my fellow vintage collectors already know this information. But in case you don't or in case you are new.. let me shed some light on a few things. I have been a seller and buyer on Ebay for a while now. And one of the biggest sellers of the old school market is the Atari 2600 system. Every 20 years or so the vintage stuff gets hot again. And right now, the 2600 is hot. And there were several models of this system. They all have a title. And it is as follows: 4 switch woody (woodgrain in front, 4 switches), Darth Vader (black front, no woodgrain, 4 switches), 6 switch woody (or called the light sixer, has six switches and woodgrain front). Then you have the Heavy Sixer which is woodgrain front but has a different look to the front end of the system. Consult the photo provided. This should clear it up for you.


There were also Sears editions of the consoles. Atari gave Sears co. the ability to produce the systems and market them as a Telegames system. As far as I know there is only a light and heavy sixer models of the sears variety.


So here is the rundown for the Heavy Sixer. The light sixer has a completely different look to the front of the system. The light sixer's front looks like the rest of the models. The corner is sharp. You can see this in the photo provided below. The Heavy sixer has a more rounded edge. Also the Heavy sixer is considerably heavier than the light. And the Heavy sixer is the only system that was made in Sunnyvale CA.


If you see an add for a system on Ebay or anywhere else that says "heavy sixer" please check the photos. Not every seller truly knows the difference and will mismark the item as a "heavy sixer". Also... be ware of fakers who will take a reproduction sticker that says Sunnyvale CA and put it on any old Atari system and try to pass it off to you as a "heavy sixer". With all of the technology out there these days it is rather simple for someone to just print out a sticker and make it look like the correct label that the true Heavy Sixer should have. If you follow these simple steps you should have no issues finding the correct item.

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Great guide resource!

If you want a beautiful RF picture, get a Heavy Sixer.

If you want a system to A/V modify for composite or S-Video, the light six switch would be my first choice.


There are also other variations.

There are Sunnyvale, CA light 6- and 4-switch models.

There are Not For Resale models with smooth round top chrome switches that don't tarnish like the aluminium switches.

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