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Todays younger people and lack of 80's technology. :-)

Space Centurion


blog-0601855001396619362.jpgHi all, just wanted to share a funny story with you. As I mentioned in my last blog, I bought a Timex Sinclair from a guy who sounded like he was in his early 20's. I did not meet him as he left the items with his dad for me to pick up. In the Kijiji posting, he mentioned it comes with a game called Archer. Not knowing much about the Timex Sinclair or the game list, I thought the Archer game was a Robin Hood type game. So....once I get home, I inspect everything and notice the game is missing. The cassette cables are there though. I started to write him back to inquire, when I thought I'd better look at the posting pics to see if I missed something. Turns out, as I figure, he took the RF module made by Archer as a cartridge. A close look at it says "Archer" then "Game" underneath it, therefore it must be an "Archer Game"... hehe! You can see it in the pic on the bottom left. Of course, if you look under the switch, it says "TV", so would this make it an Archer Game TV? :-)


In today's world of high def TV and HDMI cables, or even basic component cables, the screw type of RF connector and game switch has definitely gone the way of the dodo bird. Heck, I don't use them any more either as I try to use composite out on all of my retro computers. I feel kinda old.....also trying to explain to my kids what a record player is (as referenced in the song "you spin me round") makes things worse too....lol.


I hope someone finds this funny, I did!



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Ahh, the classic Radio Shack "Archer" TV/game switch - often the source of interference patterns for those early computers and consoles.

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