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115 Channels, HBO on Amazon Prime



COZI moved, which was slightly aggravating as I've been recording The Avengers on it.



COZI's now on channel 47.3, but the TV Guide still has it on 57.5. Wonder if TV Guide will ever get updated - Retro TV's changed twice, first from 34.2 to 34.3 back in December 2012 (my comment about RTV from the 4th), and once again to 34.4 in March 2013 - yet TV Guide still lists it as 34.2.


Replacing COZI is a new channel, The Works.



The only info I've found about The Works is this from 57 channels and nothing on...


This channel appears to be showing older films, mainly from the MGM library, and is on the air in several larger markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston so far.


Do to the rearranging of channels I decided to do another channel scan and we're now up to 115 channels here in Houston.



HBO content is coming to Amazon Prime in May! While it won't be the current seasons, it will be a welcome addition.

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