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Some archiving and ranting.



The past couple of days have been pretty productive. I picked up an AtariWriter Plus eight and a half by eleven manual on eBay that came in an officially labeled envelope. I'm not sure what the story is with this but I saw it on eBay and picked it up for a few dollars. The envelope says it came with the program disk as well but it was not included with the auction. Not sure if this was something that was mailed out to user groups or something. That is now scanned and up on Atarimania.


I also went back to my collection and scanned and posted the boxes for the AtariLab Light and AtariLab Temp modules. Plus I also added the cart dumps of both that were posted in the previously mentioned Cart Dump thread on Atariage. Thank you guys again for dumping these. I also posted pictures of all the gadgets that were included with each module.


In addition to the AtariLab modules, I also posted a couple of more cart dumps and screen shots as well as ATRs and screen shots of Atari Planetarium. I had previously scanned and posted the manual so now the entry is mostly complete.


I have a number of cassette programs I want to dump but I have to wait to get a stereo cassette player. I had two of them for years and never used them. I got rid of them last year but know I realize I need one. :( It shouldn't be to hard to find one though. I also made some recordings of the audio cassette included with the Atari Word Processor a while ago. I just have to decide were to post them since Atarimania doesn't have an option to include audio files. I would like to eventually record the language learning programs as well.


I'm still waiting for a something called the Atari 400/800 Computer Technical Notes manual from eBay. It looks kind of interesting and looks to be an easy scan.




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