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First blog post. I'll use this to introduce myself. I'm LaXDragon, a looong time passionate collector of video games. I've been playing since I first laid my paws on a 2600 back in the late 70's.


About 5 years ago I finally convinced my wife to allow me to take over a corner of our basement solely for the purpose of displaying and playing my collection. Prior to this it was mostly kept in storage bins. It started small, just an enclosed entertainment center with a few systems hooked up. In there was also my first MAME PC.


First purchase was to get a cabinet. Problem is the ceiling in the basement is pretty low, about 6'8". That and there was not a ton of space. So I was limited in what cabinet I could get. Thanks to the dudes at Rec Room Masters, I was able to find a cabinet the fit the bill perfectly.


MAME Arcade Cabinet


While the original enclosed entertainment center kept things clean, it really wasn't "showy". So, I did some research, and got some ideas. Ikea sells these gorgeous red shiny bookshelves. With a bit of modding, (adding a backboard, some legs, and finally some interior lighting), I could really show off my console collection.


System Unit


Since then I've slowly been adding more art and tchotchke. My collection continues to grow as well. I regularly check my local thrift shops. I'll blog more about what games I've found, and blather on about the thrill of the hunt.


Lastly, more information can be found on my personal home page where I also maintain a custom written database of my collection.


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