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Day 1 of my Blog - 7800basic project and more to come



Well, this is the first post on my blog. :woozy:

Hmmm, what should I put on here? :?

Oh, there is this one thing I haven't pulled out of my sleeves yet... I mentioned it in the chatroom and my status update :)




Enjoy the galore of the 7800 remake of Ninja-Kun I am working on in 7800basic. This is the first screenshot and it has preliminary tiles (crappy floor cracks and lazy tile rearrangement) compared to what should be in the first demo. I don't know why his sprite is broken when going right... but whatever.


Credits to:

RevEng for adventure.bas (perfect walkcycle code)

Random Terrain for "fake collision" bas that I will port+use soon

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Wow, I'd love to see this on the 7800! One of my favorite arcade/famicom platformers. Nice choice! Keep up the good work guys.

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