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Networked Tuners on sale at Woot!



If you're interested in cutting the cord now might be a good time to get started!


Your Choice: SiliconDust Streaming Boxes


$149.99 - Simple.TV

$119.99 - HDHomeRun PLUS

$ 79.99 - HDHomeRun DUAL <-- this is what I'm using


All of these are dual-tuner units.


I'm not familiar with Simple.TV unit and don't have time to research it this morning. At first glance it appears to be a DVR that you add an external drive to, though it appears to be geared towards watching on your computer or portable device as it doesn't connect to your TV. Looks like you could use a Roku or similar device to watch it on your TV.


HDHomeRun Plus is similiar to the HDHomeRun DUAL's that I use, though they add DLNA support and also convert the signal to H.264 (from MPEG2) which takes up less bandwidth on your network. Interesting idea, though I'd like to see it in action to get a feel for how good the on-the-fly conversion is.


I'm using two of the HDHomeRun DUAL units, for the ability to tune up to 4 channels at the same time. I'm quite happy with them. Do note that I bought mine in 2012 and these newer models now have DLNA support.

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Forgot to mention - Woot! sales are for a limited duration OR until quantities sell out. Right now there's 8 hours left on this offer.


Normal prices:

$199.99 - Simple.TV

$169.99 - HDHomeRun PLUS

$129.99 - HDHomeRun DUAL

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