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$3.85 an hour at Toys "Я" Us in 1986

Random Terrain


I was looking through some old papers and saw that I was making $3.85 an hour when I started working at Toys "Я" Us (October 30, 1986). I was one of the many people who helped get the store stocked and fixed up for the grand opening. After the store was ready for the public, I was working in the security booth with all of the video games and computer stuff. (I had to write a lot of the tickets by hand for the year that I worked there and I guess that wrecked my hand. After that, I couldn't hold a pen or pencil without getting cramps. I used to be able to draw, but I couldn't do it after working at Toys "Я" Us.)


July 20, 1987: Got a 30 cent raise ($4.15 an hour).


August 11, 1987: Got a 15 cent raise ($4.30 an hour).


November 10, 1987: Quit because they kept piling more and more responsibilities on me and they were already complaining that I was too slow doing the counts.




Random Terrain



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I worked the security booth at Toys 'R' Us too - Christmas season, 1983. During the height (and last gasp) of the golden age of video games.


I have no idea how much money I made. Probably next-to-nothing.

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