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Your sites are down for me. I think it would clear up a whole bunch of future confusion if you say "Atari 2600 inspired games" as I don't think Multimedia Fusion 2 can make actual Atari 2600 compatible games. Just my two cents :)

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Funny that the site is down for you, it's up for me!

yes you are right, now I am nervous as to how to change it! :)

and it really does the job well but specially if you have the file I created for it and

read from my page which I put a lot of love and effort to explain how it can be done!

hope you can download the zip containing the exe file I made which is an awe in itself to see and play!

with this program I have made an adorable free tribute to David Crane's Pitfall II:


which you can download to play here: http://aloan.site90.net/videogame.html

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I took a look at your Pitfall II homage and it looked VERY nice! It looks like it could have been a DOS port of Pitfall II.


One thing: www.caiman.us is wrapping a useless downloader around your game that tries to put "Search Protect" (adware) on people's computers. Not sure if you are okay with that (or know about it)

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Before anything, I have updated my webpage to say this won't play on a real Atari 2600 console, etc...

and have changed to title so it's not misleading.

I discovered how to set the boundary limits, so car driving is ok for what it represents now. The mfa has been updated once more with split-screen scrolling as in the old Atari 2600 days, and it is better due to the car not shaking anymore when the game was in scrolling mode. in the driving demo level you will read a text which shows what I plan for the future of the mfa.. a ridable bycicle, motorcycle, jobs to do to get money.
Places you can access only on foot or on the bike. Enterable buildings, shopping malls, clubs, beach etc.
download here: http://aloan.site90.net/atari_graphics_simplified.html

The only noticeable thing is that this is sort of a Super Atari 2600 because it is accepting much more sprites on the screen than it is possible, which allows for bigger unified sprites (detailed cars for example)

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