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I have a colecovision; it doesn't have its original motherboard, that was ruined due to it being in a dusty and humid basement, but the case is original. I have a few games for it, some from my original collection, some which I acquired later, I don't know for sure for some of them which is which. I was concerned about graphics glitches so tonight after a brief Atari session (grand prix, attempted barnstorming (the cartridge didn't work for some reason), yar's revenge (need to read the instructions since I had no idea what was going on) and Mr Do (charming and fun 2600 port of the universal classic), I disconnected the em1 for the first time in awhile and tried a few colecovision games, burgertime (the game I got graphic glitches on a few weeks ago, but now it ran fine and I got to level four (I'm stuck on that level)), looping (a charming aerial obstacle course), and of course Donkey Kong, in my opinion the best colecovision game because of the graphics and the gameplay but that's just my opinion.

So we have colecovision and we have atari 2600. In my previous experience, I thought colecovision was better, now I just think they're different and there's good games and bad games for both systems. And some of the atari games that have limited graphics and gameplay because of the system's birth in a high memory cost era and where its main competition was the channel f are charming, playable and fun precisely because they're from that era of gaming and it's very special that these systems and cartridges (except for barnstorming for some reason lol) are still around and playable in 2014.


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