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Road Not Taken



A couple of years ago my wife and I played an MMO called Glitch. IMHO Glitch was doomed from the start because it only charged real money for vanity items and it wasn't social enough or fun enough to play indefinitely. However, the stylized artwork was was very well done and one of the more enjoyable parts of the game.


When I first saw screenshots of "Road Not Taken" on gamasutra, I was struck by how much the characters reminded me of Glitch. Not surprising since the same artist, Brent Kobayashi, did both.


The game sounded interesting so I put it on my Steam wishlist (the only game on my wishlist) and made a mental note to buy it when it came out - which it did yesterday (on sale too).


So I played it for the first time last night. Unfortunately, in spite of the graphics and (depressing) storyline, it's a puzzle game at the core. Move your character around the grid to pick up, carry & throw items. But do it efficiently as you have a limited amount of energy (which carrying items drains) to complete your task. Maybe it will get more fun as I learn how to solve the puzzles without expensive trial and error, and discover the various "crafting" capabilities. But right now it's a bit of a dud.



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